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"Be Ready For Good Teamwork": Palm Air Wins Air Transport Team Project (by: Ayub Salim)

Business plans made on the three month-long – or just less – fly are just short of commonplace the deeper you go into the BBA Aviation Management program. 363 more words

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Choice of government or private sector remains toss-up between job security or big bucks

Indians still prefer job security and comfort over the swanky offices and fast paced corporate lifestyles. “The prestige, security and comfort of government jobs still hold appeal for many Indians. 222 more words

8 questions that candidates must ask – Ashish Arora, Founder & MD, HR Anexi

Ashish Arora, Founder and MD, HR Anexi advises you on questions to ask at your next job interview!

A good job interview is a two way communication.  244 more words

3 keys skills needed for the Telecom industry


With the changing business dynamics of the Telecom sector in India and the diversity of associated services, the war for talent has intensified. But, what has deepened more is the need for skilled and well-trained staff to handle a variety of customary and emerging roles in the telecom sector. 179 more words

Employee referrals boost employer brand

Employees have access to a wider social circle therefore their referrals help build a stronger organization by attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for the business. 74 more words

The mandatory EXIT INTERVIEW checklist

Organisations are increasingly using exit interviews to obtain employee feedback and improvise on internal policies.

An exit interview attempts to determine the reasons behind an employee’s decision to quit the organisation. 95 more words

‘We say no to employee poaching’ -Ashish Arora, Founder & MD, HR Anexi

Q: Are there any policies/laws to prevent employee poaching?

There is no macro employment law that prevents employers from poaching their competitor’s employees. Even when companies approach the court for employee poaching and its resultant business damages, the law retains the employee’s right to pursue more favourable work opportunities beyond the realm of his previous employment. 252 more words