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Sick of being sick...

Well, this past week has been a struggle for me. I have been sick with a cold, or allergies and not being able to breath well has made it hard to excersise at the gym. 129 more words

Ashlee Simpson

Walking away! 

I’m walking away…. well, aren’t you? These past few weeks I’ve been walking away from the tempting cheeseburgers and fries, the extra serving of the pasta that I love, and the snacks of potato chips I would eat when the kids are in bed. 69 more words

Ashlee Simpson

6 Heart-Stopping Moments That Happened On Live TV. Who Remembers #4?

1. Twin Towers Collapse

It’s hard to believe there could ever be a bigger event on live TV than the tragic terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. 147 more words


Sweet Treats!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day… that means sweet treats are coming our way. Oh, you thought I meant Chocolate! No friends, I mean sweat, soreness, and a smaller waist!!! 25 more words

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That’s right, my team has bootcamp about 2 times a week, and wow, it gives you a “run,” for your money! We do all kinds of things from sprints to planks. 57 more words

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More Laundry...

This is the second time this week I am doing laundry for myself…. I would usually insert a “sigh,” there, but not today! I’m having an extra laundry day because I’ve worked out hard at the gym and had more sweat than… well ever!! 13 more words

Ashlee Simpson

Super Bowl Sunday recipes...

I am making some healthier snacks for tonight’s big game, and thought I’d share some recipes with you guys! One day at a time!! Go Falcons!!!

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