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Tainted Elegance: In the Key of Love - Author & Publisher

Tainted Elegance: In The Key of Love is the first book of the series, Tainted Elegance, by Ashley Love. It is filled with poetry that is true to the heart and was written to inspire others going through the same life turmoil as Ashley has gone through. 33 more words

Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful - Compiler & Publisher

In the second book of the Tainted Elegance series, Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful, women from all walks of life speak up and share their journeys and messages on building confidence, learning to love who you are and being able stand comfortably in your own shoes. 215 more words

Head Ladies In Charge - Co-Author

The Head Ladies in Charge is the first ever socially powered book that highlights the accomplishments of women from all walks of life. These Head Ladies in Charge, #HLIC, are making strides in their respective industries, communities, and with their families as they take the world by storm. 251 more words

Fearless Poets Against Bullying - Compiled & Published by Ashley Love

Fearless Poets Against Bullying is the first book in the Fearless Poets Series compiled by poet and activist, Ashley Love. Fearless Poets from around the world grace the pages with their stories and poems on bullying and surrounding issues. 108 more words

I Am: Love, Wisdom & Guidance through Soul Reflection - Co-Author

Within these powerful pages, 28 courageous souls expose their deepest secrets and experi- ences – to provide you with non-judgmental and understanding love, non-authoritative wisdom gained through hindsight, and practical guidance to help heal your soul and move you forward along your journey through life. 90 more words

Letter of Recommendation: Ebony Combs

This letter of recommendation is from Ebony Combs who led the EPIC Ambassador program that I served on for the EPIC Conference in Oklahoma City in March 2016.

Writing Sample: Supply & Demand

Supply and Demand play a key role in our everyday lives even more than we realize sometimes. One example is the used car dealerships near my house. 403 more words