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Happily? Married

I guess this will be one of the many writings that will come from me that will help me vent about things that bother me from time to time or dwell in my mind that I need to just put down into words in order to give myself some peace. 885 more words

Ashley Madison

Post 17: If my body is built for sin, this must be hell (NSFW)

Warning to my readers: This one is a little … rougher … than some of the other NSFWs. If anal isn’t your thing, I would skip this one. 1,732 more words


Post 16: He thinks I'm amazing? WTF is that?

Yesterday, I got a random text from Jameson: “You are amazing.”

That was it. Wait, that was it?

I was driving through Denver on my way home from fucking another guy — the details of which I’ll share later today. 152 more words


Post 12: "Just call her Flavor Flav" (NSFWaff

I was at my sister’s house two weeks ago, running out the door and passing a friend of hers I hadn’t met before. “Tell Jameson hi,” my sister says. 1,320 more words


Stories of Adultery

Are the stories that we read, the stories that we tell, the language that is used, an important aspect of understanding adultery?

In short, YES.  Very important. 1,519 more words


Post 11: Full disclosure -- I fucked another guy the night before (NSFW)

Today was the first time I’ve been able to write in a few days. I was most excited to recount Friday’s events with Jameson. The ex isn’t in the picture, and the sex was mind blowing. 1,961 more words


Post 10: The ex is out of the picture (NSFW)

Jameson didn’t have band practice this Friday, and I was in town. So, we made plans to meet up. We sexted all Friday, building the anticipation. 1,339 more words