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Uncertain Future - Part V - Hactivism

Having said that, there is more power to the open internet than you think. Your private information, while important to you for reasons shown in the previous section, is very little compared to what organized groups with an agenda are really after – complete system change. 1,583 more words


Have Spreader Bar, Vibrator and Jewelled Butt Plug will travel - Trains, buses and automobiles

Filth, I’m glad to say, is in the mind of the beholder.

When correctly viewed, everything is lewd. –

Tom Lehrer, Smut

I am going to meet a new lover, one who I have been speaking to for some time, we have met briefly for a drink and connected.   1,946 more words

Rio Sex and Sauna exhausted - too many willies and not enough winkles

Rosalita, jump a little higher 
Senorita, come sit by my fire 
I just want to be your lover, ain’t no liar 
Rosalita, you’re my stone desire… 1,182 more words

Betraying the betrayed and dire attempts at swinging

Peter and I have decided to “branch out”, we enjoy each other’s bodies and have gelled really well which led to discussing other fantasies. I know Peter is the stereotypical man’s dream of two women, although I have no tendencies towards woman I am happy for him to have this fantasy. 1,740 more words


I decided to move him up my list because well… I had my AM reactivated for 2 days this week and lo and behold we bumped into each other there. 520 more words


As Data Leaks Go, This Is About as Embarrassing as It Gets

More than 100,000 users of an online fetish forum have had their details stolen thanks to poor security on the website.

The site is called The Rosebutt Board, and let’s just say… 258 more words


Pornhub bug bounty program will pay hackers up to $25,000

Adult website Pornhub now has something in common with Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other titans of technology – a bug bounty program to reward ethical hackers. 368 more words

Data Loss