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Kindness Challenge Day 13

Day 13: Give a compliment to as many people as possible today.   Huh. This is an interesting one. I feel my creative juices revving up. Because of course, I can’t just flop out some lame…

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Ashley Madison: Mr. Solitaire

So, it turns out, my Ashley Madison adventure isn’t quite finished. I thought it was amusing for a bit, and was going to delete it, since I didn’t see the sense of it. 653 more words

Age verification legislation will lead to porn habit database

The UK powers that be consider online porn to be akin to cyber matches: you just can’t let kids play with that stuff, lest they set their eyeballs on fire. 1,163 more words


Ashley Madison: Highlights

My investigative experiment into Ashley Madison (AM) has been interesting. What started off as a random impulse quickly devolved into curiosity and entertainment.

So let’s review the hits, shall we? 829 more words

My Second Honest Post

The reason I started to write this blog was for two reasons, to showcase my writing abilities and my writing projects in one space. The second was so that anyone reading this blog would get a glimp… 6 more words