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July 27th 2015, Episode 369 Show Notes

Episode 369 of The CyberJungle is about 32 minutes long. The interview with Richard Stiennon, author of “There Will Be Cyberwar,” begins at about 17:00.  You may… 194 more words


The Hacking Of Ashley Madison

I hate the website Ashley Madison and all websites that promote adultery as a bit of harmless fun.

Breakfast in bed with the Sunday newspapers is a habit that my husband and I engage in regularly. 1,323 more words


HBO's John Oliver: Ottawa is a 'depressing, frigid s---hole'

The agency that promotes Ottawa as a tourism destination says HBO’s John Oliver got it all wrong when the comedian mocked the city for being dull and unromantic. 322 more words


Ottawa's alleged infidelity rates become target of John Oliver segment

Canada has, once again, become the butt of American late-night television jokes — this time with the focus squarely on the nation’s capital, aka “the city fun forgot.” 354 more words


Watch John Oliver Demand an End to Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver drew attention to the fact that U.S. President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders, a move that John Oliver considers “the criminal justice version of… 249 more words

Problem of the Month: Ashley Madison

This month’s problem is inspired by Ashley Madison. Today I’ll teach you how not to get caught. Today we’ll learn about how many people really cheat on their spouses. 754 more words


Is that gun loaded?

The ‘innocent’ remark that shoots you in the foot.

The hole you dug (that you then dropped yourself in).

That ‘Doh!’ moment.

I am constantly bemused how much damage we can do to ourselves without thinking. 258 more words