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This morning two of my girls requested a staples run. We loaded up my rumbly car (husband was using his) and headed to the store. Graph paper. 1,473 more words

Eats Enters Eastern Teresa, should I ever anagram Earnest! 2016 a fine sexual vintage and Earnest gets his Christmas Bonus

Now that I’ve tried to talk to you and make you understand 
All you have to do is close your eyes 
And just reach out your hands and touch me  3,172 more words


You know what I hate? When a guy wants to deeply kiss you while you cum. I can’t breathe=I can’t cum. Period. Can you imagine a guy tolerating his ability to cum hindered by a women pushing her desire to kiss him while it happens? 126 more words

Ashley Madison

Josh Duggar Unveils New Plans for 2017

By: Fock

Josh Duggar, originally of TLC’s 427 kids and counting, or whatever, recently made public some news that should put him right back in the heart of conservative circles. 540 more words


You can't handle the truth

If I’m honest about my online adventures, you nut up. If I lie about it, you can tell I’m lying and get pissed.

You judge me for having multiple sex partners but you’re doing the same. 41 more words

Ashley Madison

Love the Cats, Hate the Husband

I can’t stop thinking about V’s wife’s texts to him. I’ve said this so many times but the vast majority of cheating, or would-be cheating men are in sexless and/or emotionally abusive marriages. 477 more words

Beyond My Own Hands

The one year mark of my foray into hookup sites is fast approaching. I started out on YKW after drinking too much New Year’s Eve. I didn’t even remember the post until I got out of the shower the next day. 961 more words