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Awkward (2011-2016, cr. Lauren Iungerich)

A hyperbolized coming of age piece where high school stereotypes meet tangled relationships a-la-telenovelas and create slightly unbelievable plots to evoke realistic and sadly familiar growing pains; also the series counts on a ridiculous premise that things are funny when they rhyme.

Coming Of Age

At The Devil's Door [AKA Home] (2014, dir. Nicholas McCarthy)

A realtor finds that the property she is trying to sell is host to a malevolent entity. Its odd structure and unwarranted ending aside, a reasonable entry in the possessed property jumpscare sub-sub-genre. 7 more words

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The Outcasts (2017)

Plot: Two high school outsiders decide to take over their school to rule against the popular kids who continue to make them inferior. They recruit fellow outsiders and create a sort of movement. 221 more words