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The Relevance of Miguel

To be honest Miguel has been involved in some way or another since about 1998, but his most relevant years began in about 2007. I say relevant because from 2007 on is when I personally remember Miguel’s career starting as a great R&B artist. 230 more words

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Mr.Mysterious .. The Weeknd

Abel Tasfaye better known by his stage name, The Weeknd, is an Canadian R&B artist who holds a mysterious composure that draws the attention of not only many fans, but also many artists. 307 more words

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The Soulful MJB

I can remember a time where hearing Mary J Blige blasting the speakers in the living room was a normal Sunday morning. You could find my mom cleaning up listening to the soulful sound of Mary J Blige. 191 more words

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The Legendary Alicia Keys

The noteable Alicia Keys has proven to be an amazing Singer, Songwriter, Actress, and Record Producer. Her talent in the music industry has personally stood out to me as unique. 227 more words

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Quad poster revealed for Alex Ross Perry's Listen Up Philip

Eureka Entertainment have released the quad poster for Listen Up Philip, the new comedy from director Alex Ross Perry. 101 more words


The word, Ahimsa, may sound familiar to you if you have just began to dabble into your own yoga practice.

It means “non-violence” & is a large part of why many yogis eat vegan/vegetarian diets, and may be known as a little hippy-ish ;) 255 more words


Gettin' Dizzy

This one is dedicated to Tess, who is about to become a college graduate! Hooray for Tess!