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Postpartum Ashtanga Practice & My Little 7th Series

I still remember the first sun salutation after the birth of my daughter like it was yesterday. I had the biggest smile on my face and tears in my eyes, it felt that amazing. 1,512 more words


10 things I learned from my best friend in the desert

I went into the desert to celebrate my birthday this past week with my best friend. . .

Yoga, meditation, spiritual discipline, whatever you want to call it, is about making friends with who you already are. 668 more words


For the Wild Hearts

My daughter turned 2 months yesterday. It was a moment of realisation, just watching her, in my arms, and listening to her sleep.

Would she too, one day, pack her bag and follow her heart to a far away land, somewhere on the other side of the world? 835 more words


Modified Surya Namaskara A - 36 Weeks Pregnant

I’m so thankful I have had the chance to maintain my ashtanga yoga practice throughout my pregnancy. Sun Salutations and a modified practice are the most lovely and refreshing start for the day even now, at 36 weeks, when I feel like a mama hippo with our 2.5 kg baby in the belly :D


An Interview With Saraswathi

I recently returned from Mysore where I spent a month studying and practicing ashtanga yoga at the KPJAYI institute. Being there while almost 7 months pregnant was one of the most amazing experiences of my life (I will be either writing or vlogging about it more thoroughly soon) 412 more words


Healthy morning routine and ashtanga practice during second trimester

Being 23 weeks pregnant I can say that the second trimester really does fit into it’s “feel-good-trimester” description. I have much more energy in general than… 1,160 more words



Grounding is the sensation where one is certain. standing upon a solid surface, firm. I have been craving this sensation throughout my short adult life. I became a nurse with a solid job and finances. 925 more words