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Mysore Ashtanga.

This past winter, I fell into somewhat an awareness of the Ashtanga practice of yoga. I am by no means an Ashtanga yogi, but I do recognize the beauty that comes from the memorization and challenge of the practice. 555 more words


Breaking: Opponents won't appeal ruling in Encinitas schools yoga program

Breaking news for you — hot off the presses about an hour ago.

The National Center for Law & Policy — the law firm leading the suit against the Encinitas schools yoga program — will not appeal any further. 791 more words


Healthy ragi flakes for breakfast

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day. Right before going to sleep I already dream of the delicious things I can prepare to eat the next morning. 188 more words


Alessandro Sigismondi Video

Alexandros started practicing yoga at the age of 38 and has developed a truly inspiration practice. A gentle reminder that the body is ready for transformation whenever you are ready…..


Ashtanga and Menopause

Of the many complexities of female-ness in modern culture, menopause is unique. While it’s a natural process that over half the population experiences, it still retains a sort of medieval silence around it, a kind of cultural conspiracy that it’s not something we talk about as women until we… 1,366 more words


The power of Mysore style - didn't see all this coming

What do you mean you’re not coming? What…you are gonna wake up at WHAT time?

Yes, at 5.30 in the morning and no I’m not kidding, this means I’m off to bed at ten or so. 1,475 more words


Bandha - Controlling Energetics in Yoga

This post will also appear on the Articles and Resources page.

The correct application of Bandhas is an important part of Ashtanga yoga practice. All students need to be able to identify and apply… 1,291 more words