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WATCH: Ashton Kutcher Pranks Customers in Australia, Punk'd Style

Punk’d is making a comeback!!! Sort of!

Ashton Kutcher returned to pulling pranks of people for a Lenovo commercial being filmed in Australia.

The funny man pretended to be a salesman and looked super incognito in a curly wig, spectacles and a cap. 7 more words


[WATCH] Ashton Kutcher Punk'd on Australians!

Ashton Kutcher goes back to punking people once again. This time he does all the jokes himself. His character, Coordery, a product engineer in a Lenovo’s store in Australia acts a bit inappropriate with customers putting them in uncomfortable situations, pulling some gut-busting pranks on some unsuspecting people. 22 more words


Ashton Kutcher Is Back To Pulling Pranks

If you were a big fan of Punk’d like I was, it’s great to see Ashton Kutcher pullin’ pranks “hidden camera”style again. Honestly, it’s great just to see him be famous for something other than “being with Mila Kunis” again! 86 more words


#TBT Guess Who

Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac were blazing the small screen on That 70’s Show and The Bernie Mac Show when they teamed up for the comedy Guess Who.   142 more words

#TBT Throwback Thursday

Ashton Kutcher fights for diaper changing stations in men's rooms

A few weeks ago, actor Ashton Kutcher took to Facebook to complain about how public restrooms never have diaper-changing stations in the men’s rooms. What was meant as an offhand comment got the new dad’s post over 244 thousand likes and a flurry of feminist approval. 80 more words

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