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New Year's Eve, The Movie

Dear Boys,

I was never a person who believes in festivities, much less a ‘Happy New Year!’ which in reality, just another day, another number on a calendar. 814 more words

For The Boys!

The Chinese Store

Remember that time when we were in Barcelona looking for a lint roller and our apartment staff directed us to the Chinese store? We were seriously taken aback by this suggestion. 267 more words


Killers (2010)

10 / 10

This 2010 movie is focused on a young somewhat geeky – awkward woman going through a recent break up, who ends up vacationing abroad….with her parents!!! 149 more words


When MTV catches you on film with a caterpillar ...

You know how every now and then something happens — something strange and bizarre — and you catch yourself looking around, knowing full and well that Ashton Kutcher and his buddies from MTV are lurking in the bushes waiting to spring out and inform you that yes, indeed, you have been punk’d. 747 more words


Netflix's 'The Ranch' Toys With Sitcom Lighting, Length, And Language – TCA

“We’re doing a very traditional format, with a live audience, but because we’re working with Netflix we get to explore” the genre, The Ranch star/EP Ashton Kutcher told TV critics this morning at TCA.  554 more words


Autumn / Winter first impression: Boku dake ga Inai Machi

29 year old Satoru Fujinuma, a struggling mangaka who is currently working as a pizza delivery guy. Has this rather peculiar ability…the ability to go back in time – to be more precise only 5 mins – in able to change events or crisis. 379 more words