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New Blue Mountain available now

New Blue Mountain pieces available at Festival (date/link) or on our Etsy store.

Blue Mountain Pottery

Dear Android gesture typing: Enough ashtray with this one autocomplete error

About 95 percent of the time, the “gesture typing” built into Android’s keyboard is one of my favorite parts of Google’s mobile operating system. I trace a fingertip over the letters of the word I have in mind, that item appears in an overlay before I’m halfway through inputting it, I lift my fingertip, and a Scrabble winner like “deoxyribonucleic” pops into a tweet, e-mail or note. 305 more words



Ricoh GR, ISO 100, 1/640sec, f/4, EV 0.0. Post processing in Viveza 2 and Color Efex Pro 4. 8 more words


AFI 20026 Windproof Beanbag Ashtray (Blue)

Bowl And Cover Made From Polished 304 Stainless Steel. Windproof.
Color: Blue
Color: Blue
Part Number(s): AFI 20026 AFI-20026 AFI_20026 AFI20026 69-20026
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Water Art

What do you call structures that prove no purpose other than the aesthetic it provides in the ambiance. Well this looked like an ancient ash tray from ancient monks. 16 more words


Happy Torture, Istanbul (I)

Istanbul, Saturday, 5pm. Metres Melike opened the door. i kept my eyes down on Her dark brown Caterpillar boots, which i had to clean so often. 2,682 more words