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The Ashtray & Hairy Portuguese

It has decided to start snowing in Leiden. It never snows here or at least this is what I have been told. Mostly the snow decides to blend in with the rain and create something like a sludge. 704 more words


I used to live in a small town of IL called West Dundee. It was just this summer where I picked up this beautiful 1970s blue/green ceramic ashtray. 159 more words

Virtual ashtrays may hold clues to smoking desire

Do street ashtrays encourage smoking? It’s a central question of our campaign, and it’s one which must be answered scientifically.

But there’s not much science on the topic, as it’s something quite difficult to measure on a large¬†scale. 294 more words

Zero Smoke

The Ashtray

you could write a story about this
ashtray, for example, and a man and a 
woman. But the man and the woman are 
always the two poles of your story. 410 more words

Untitled/ Manic Pixie Dream

For my first hook up,
I went out dressed entirely in pastel pink and leaf green,
looking like a peach, but
smooth to the touch, 260 more words