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Precious Memories

I was cleaning out some drawers the other day, and in my jewelry, I found a memory. You know when you stumble across something and it brings a smile to your face. 738 more words


PM2.5 unhealthy in smoking plazas

Smokers cause a significant and dangerous difference in local air quality, results of our first air quality testing show.

Using the TES5321 Air Quality Monitor, we took spot readings of PM2.5 at various locations in Central on 7 March 2017, as well as a Time Weighted Average for 1 hour around Central district. 151 more words



बहुत देर तक जब उनकी चुप्पी और मेरी खामोशी बातें कर के थक जाते, तो कबीर चले जाने का इशारा कर देते थे। मैंने कभी रोका नहीं उन्हें। अपना सामान उठाते और बस चले जाते कबीर। ऐशट्रे और उसमे रखी उनकी आधी फूँकी हुई सिगरेटे संभाल लेती थी।

जब भी कोई पूछता ये सिगरेट की आदत कहाँ से लगी, मैं उनकी यादों में फूँकी उनकी आधी रखी सिगरेट गिना देती थी।

सिगरेट को जब मैं अपने लबों पर रखती थी, एक उनके साथ होने का एहसास पा लेती थी। उठते धुएं में उनकी ख़ुशबू रहती थी| अब बस आदतें ही बाकि हैं|


Ashtray data collection starts


Accurately locating ashtrays on a map is important to analysis of street ashtrays and their effect on smoking behaviour.

According to the Food and Environmental Hygiene department, the government provides 16,000 litter bins with/without ashtrays in Hong Kong (with no breakdown of how many of those bins have ashtrays) and about 1,800 dedicated cigarette bins. 446 more words


Man and Girl

Willow Pond
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Decorative Products Made of Clay Material

Clay is a natural raw material formed in nature which can be accommodated in many kinds of human needs, from beauty treatment material like scrub or mask, clay can also be a painkiller for the wound. 361 more words