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Potential Use of Herbs in Sports Nutrition

Interestingly, there appears to be lots of evidence regarding different herbs, and their ability to enhance physical performance.

I’m surprised nobody has mustered up an organic recovery formula, or pre-workout that’s actually quite ‘good’ for you. 158 more words


How I Tamed My Seasonal Allergies by Supporting My Adrenal Glands

For the past 15 years or so, I’ve been dealing with spring allergies in March and April. During the first couple of years, I thought I had a cold. 540 more words

Top 20 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and Spices

Posted by livenedu on 06.10.13

Before getting to know what the top anti-inflammatory herbs are, it’s important to understand first what inflammation exactly is. Inflammation is a sign of the body’s attempt to protect itself from possibly harmful stimuli such as pathogens, fungi or viruses. 2,762 more words


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This list of anti-inflammatory additions is a great resource for their offerings. While neither an herb or spice, I would add seaweed to this list for its healing properties with inflammation.

Foods that help thyroid problems

Foods to help Thyroid Problems

Thyroid disorders – whether the gland is hyperactive, hypoactive, or enlarged – are common but often misdiagnosed and it can take a while find out what is causing such problems as weight change, fatigue, depression and problems with skin. 475 more words


Ebola ...schmebola!

When asked about my opinion as a herbalist, natural health professional and based on my educational background in classical (medical) microbiology & immunology, this is how I respond!   1,792 more words


Ayurvedic herbs







LifeStyle Lessons: Feeling Exhausted? Attend to your Adrenals!

Sometimes I find myself so tired I can barely walk home or peel myself up off the couch. Does this ever happen to you? I usually hit this ‘wall’ around 3pm and I beat myself up for it! 270 more words

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