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Ashwagandha Could Offer Knee Pain Intervention Alternative

Ashwagandha, a powerful herb used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, is known for its immune-boosting and restorative benefits. In fact, it’s commonly referred to as “Indian ginseng” and has been used since ancient times to help people strengthen their immune system after an illness.   346 more words



I recently had a well overdue tea date with a friend.  We have been trying to coordinate doing this for weeks but came up against the same busy wall each time we tried.  1,091 more words



The first herbs we will be looking at as part of our herbal actions series are herbal adaptogens. Some of these herbs include: Ginseng, Holy Basil, Schisandra, and Ashwaganda. 485 more words


3 Ayurvedic Herbs for a Libido Boost

When we are balanced, we are able to achieve higher states of conscious living, enhancing our daily experiences and relationships—a strong libido and increased fertility rate is simply a by-product of living an Ayurvedically balanced life. 317 more words


Stress, Herbs and Ashwaganda

Maybe it’s not a good thing to title a blog post with the word stress in it.. but I don’t know. I’m just being honest. If you haven’t realized I haven’t written much lately.. 675 more words

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