Adaptogens For Athletes - 7 Performance Powering Plants!

Competitive athletes are always looking for an edge.  In the world of sports, the difference between winning and losing can be a couple inches or a few hundredths of a second.  846 more words

General Adaptogens

Why You May Need An Adaptogen

Adaptogens are getting a lot of attention lately and they are often recommended as a supplement, but many people are still not clear as to what adaptogens actually are. 471 more words


Brain food for those Monday mornings...

Monday mornings are often the times that the thought doesn’t run as bright as you would like it to… :) In order to return from the weekend with something to actually bring to the meeting table, take care you… 509 more words

Adaptogens - Centuries Old Secrets Revealed

For too long, the secret of adaptogenic herbs has been” bottled up,” so to speak.  But the time has come for a new look and a new appreciation of the power of ancient healing.  523 more words

General Adaptogens

The Here And Now

 “The best way out is always through.” -Robert Frost

Another week in the books and as we say goodbye to borage, I’m still battling with whatever this…

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Daily Musings

Best Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

Herbal treatments for flawless skin and glorious hair have been around since the last 5000 years. Ayurvedic treatments correct the imbalances in the system which are causing beauty and health issues, including hair loss. 692 more words