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FundedByMe Asia Pacific enters three-party crowdfunding alliance.

We’re pleased to announce the formation of a new three-party crowdfunding alliance in Singapore. The alliance is made up by crowdfunding platforms CoAssets, FundedByMe… 213 more words


Ambassador Bleich on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich (Ambassador to Australia, 2009-2013)


Why is passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) important for the United States? 550 more words

Foreign Policy

The Sun: Spare a thought for our manual workers

My most recent piece in the Sun was written in Hanoi. The manual cleaners and construction workers are a hardworking lot there, and much more visible than in Kuala Lumpur. 164 more words


Obama's "Asia" Pivot

The Obama administration’s foreign policy energies are fully engaged in the Middle East — negotiating the Iran deal, sending Special Operations forces into Iraq, supporting Saudi airstrikes in Yemen, working with the Syrian rebels. 758 more words


Yoga Grounding Series

I am using Medium to write my thoughts on yoga and yoga philosophy. Medium seems to be a great way just to write short pieces without any images. 339 more words


60 Groups Waiting

We are often asked, “Do you know what people group you will be working with?” We can’t really make any decisions until we are living in Asia-Pacific for a little while. 362 more words

Church Planting

Australia must choose between Chinese cash and loyalty to the US as SE Asia tensions rise

THE Abbott government, while “unabashedly pro-US”, is resisting moves to be enlisted in Washington’s military pivot to the Asia-Pacific because it is not in Australia’s interests to join the escalating dispute over the South China Seas. 780 more words