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China my home, sorta

I’m Chinese.. I’m Canadian, but I’m actually Indian. And, a long time ago, my great great grandparents were English and Japanese. More importantly though, I grew up in a typical Hakka-Chinese household that had curries on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and in-between we’d have stir-frys and steamed goodness. 71 more words


Cambodia : A Land of Wonder

Chatted with a dear friend and she’s telling me she has this friend working in Vietnam and how she’d like to travel there alone. And she was torn because she wanted to go to Cambodia as well, since she thought Cambodia was far more interesting. 1,249 more words


Tea Horse Road (茶馬古道) - A Glimpse of the Ancient Odyssey

Since the heydays of Tang dynasty (618-907 AD), time often elapsed with throngs of horse caravans wading through the endlessly steep road.  Across undulating hill chains and meandering rivers of the mountain Range, women of Bulang ethnic group were picking pu’er tea leaves, a distinct form of broad leaf tea in Yunnan, in a verdant agro-forest.   1,115 more words


traveling korea/japan (pt 2).

here’s part two of my seoul/tokyo series, covering places to go and eat.

since there are countless blogs that detail all the typical tourist spots, i’ll stick to the places that aren’t covered as much. 692 more words

Asia Trip

traveling korea/japan (pt 1).

there were so many memorable parts of my trip to seoul & tokyo, not to mention things i learned about traveling in those countries, that i’ve been meaning to write a blog post to remember everything. 473 more words

Asia Trip

Namtso (納木錯) - A Lake Nearest to Heaven

(12th June) Namtso lake was as charmingly blue as the sky, making visitors difficult to distinguish their boundary.  We were so close to the sky, ever in our first time, free from any murky pollution that gloomed elsewhere, but radiant in its purest form.  667 more words


Jokhang (大昭寺) - Mecca of Tibetan Buddhism

(9th June) No journey in Lhasa would be completed without visiting Jokhang, the inseparable place of Tibetan Buddhism.  As the tour bus sped from the  841 more words