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Jiayuguan Pass (嘉峪關): First and the Greatest Pass under Heaven

On the extreme western edge of China, along snow-capped Qilian mountain peaks, lines of sturdy soldiers were standing high in the Jiayuguan Fortress, carrying a goblet of fire, staring off the distance all day to guard their own territory.   782 more words


Zhangye Danxia (張掖丹霞) - China's Rainbow Mountains

(17th June) It seems that when the Earth decided to create this spectacular rainbow landscape was in an exhilarating party. Even million of years later, a dazzling riot of swirling orange, gold and brown still burst in front of our lens, just like a stunning painting on canvas. 367 more words


Lanzhou (蘭州): A Golden City in the Centre

(14-16th June) Along the upper reaches of the Yellow River lie a key thoroughfare for ancient traders and explorers, from China to Persia, from the Middle East to Europe. 819 more words


Ancient Silk Road (古絲綢之路): Journey to the Mysterious West

When General Zhang Qian first passed through chains of treacherous hills and boundless sand dunes to the Western Regions in Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 BC), in his deep heart soared a sole goal.   418 more words


Han Market - A Kaleidoscope of Souvenirs and Stalls

It was 8 in the morning as the Han River already sparkled under sunlight, reminding stall owners to embark on a brand new day for business in this riverside market in Da Nang.   740 more words


Asia Here I Come!

As the video is appropriately titled, Asia here I come.  I will be taking a trip to Asia for a month from July 4 to August 5, 2017. 117 more words

Bath And Body

Jalan Jalan Hamo-ri

Hamo-ri is where my home in Jeju is located. My house is under construction.

Jalan jalan means walking around neighbours. It’s one of my favourite Malay words. 153 more words