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Khaty Xiong in The Ellis Review

This poem in The Ellis Review breaks my heart and lifts my day all at the same time.

There are many reasons, known and unknown, as to why I write; I don’t like to think these reasons change necessarily, but rather, amass over time—no, maybe, these reasons refine over time. 60 more words


Bay Area Mixed-Race: It begins in the Ethnic Foods Aisle

I take many photos when I find a subject, but I’m always going to choose the worst quality image when I write this column; this way they’ll remain as anonymous as possible, and I stay out of trouble. 1,070 more words

Asian American

A Visit to the Motherland: Me and Mom in Korea, Part I

May 9th, en route to Incheon

That my great grandparents were forced out of Korea, and we are returning… triumphant? That we are free to return, thank you, thank you… 1,268 more words

Asian in America: That "Aha Moment" When I Realized I Was Adopted

Up Front, I really wanted to give a shout out to Friend-of-the-Blog Jean who operates the Cycle Write Blog. She had actually directed me towards some of her content on Asian Cultural Identity, and it’s pretty good Stuff. 1,695 more words


Lawsuit: Harvard Ranks Asian-Americans Lower On Personality Traits

(CNN) — A group that claims Harvard puts quotas on Asian-American applicants contends the university scores them higher than students of other races on academics and extracurricular activities but ranks them lowest in a “personal” category covering such traits as likability and “attractive to be with.” 709 more words


Perspectives on Race #10: Irene in San Jose, "Just Don't Marry One"

What frustrates you the most about racism and/or racists?
Irene: The belief that folks are “colorblind” and that that is the epitome of what we should all be. 1,104 more words


We're Not All Ninjas: Awkwafina

On Hard NOC Media’s We’re Not All Ninjas podcast, Melissa sits down for a one-on-one with hip-hop artist and star of Ocean’s 8 and Crazy Rich Asians… 61 more words