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On Kosher Chinese* Food

There’s this genre of terrible Asian tear-jerker commercials on YouTube that my brother and I used to send to each other (often with captions like WTF, WHY DID THEY DO THIS, !?!?, I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’RE SELLING INSURANCE!?). 1,040 more words


Thank you, Bruce Lee (part one)

The Martial Artist, Bruce Lee internationally elevated Asian attractiveness during the 1960s. Before (and unfortunately after) him, both Asian men and women were depicted as unattractive and/or villianously alien but at least his magnetic presence propped open the door to eventual positive Asian portrayal in media. 548 more words


Crazy Rich Asians Trailer Marks New Age of Asian American Cinema

1994. The Joy Luck Club.

2000. The Debut.

2002. Better Luck Tomorrow.

2018. Crazy Rich Asians.

The number of movies directed by and starring Asian Americans that got a theatrical release is distressingly low despite decades of being told “your time is almost here.” Ming-Na Wen gave… 580 more words



I recently read a student paper about using spanking to discipline children. The student was Asian, and he recounted how his father would spank and sometimes even use a belt on him and his siblings when they were little. 711 more words

My Scarlett Letter

It’s my Scar-let Let-her, it’s my badge of shame,

Look into my eyes to see, who is left to blame.

No one else but me and my mom and her mom, way back to the beginning, self-hatred ran in my family like a cursed heirloom. 1,155 more words


3 Fun Early Chapter Books

Jasmine Toguchi: Super Sleuth by Debbi Michiko Florence. Pictures by Elizabet Vuković. Farrar Straus Giroux, 2017.
I’d been wanting to read the new Jasmine Toguchi series, especially because I have a Japanese-American niece who’ll be needing some early chapter books in a couple of years.  541 more words


Wanna Be Missed- Hayley Kiyoko

“Say you can’t walk, can’t talk, go on without me” –Wanna Be Missed, Hayley Kiyoko