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Quiet, Yellow Man

I sit, as one, divided.

Divided in today’s nearly black world where the society around me forces me to pick sides. On racial issues. In political debates.

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The Iron Fist That Almost Was: One-on-One with Steven Maeda

It’s been nearly two weeks since Iron Fist debuted all 13 episodes of its initial season on Netflix. Prior to its release, the first half of the season previewed for critics received a drubbing the likes of which is unheard of for a Marvel/Netflix property. 609 more words


The Asian American Dilemna


If you’re not Asian, some of this stuff might not make sense. In that case, please see this as sharing from an Asian American perspective. 668 more words

The Model Minority is Losing Patience

As an applicant, students are urged to find a school that is most in line with their personality. Even introverted, or uncomfortable, students have to spill their most personal stories to strangers in the series of required short essays. 864 more words


Equality and Acceptance

Throughout time, human societies have celebrated the idea of “Equality,” and thus, “Accepting” all despite their differences, however, today, we still face difficulties with being a completely welcoming society. 1,563 more words


May I Be Familiar

May I Be Familiar

Do we find you in what you’ve left or where you’ve gone.

In words you could not form, or forgot long ago. 104 more words


white fever

Crumpled on the floor in the
valleys between pillows,
giggles in the air like the string
lights above our heads,
We dream about the boys in movies, 274 more words