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Bridgette - Overnight Sensation (part three)

Several moments later, Jimmy stops filming. Tony takes off his headphones and places them around his neck. Lexie turns off a light to preserve the bulb’s life expectancy. 3,378 more words


Being Asian-American...

…and having to deal with changing policies to college admissions.

Just last week, I was having breakfast at home and reading the newspaper (yes, people still do that!) when one of the articles struck me. 774 more words


Audrey Magazine: "Fitness Friday"

Audrey Magazine:

During my first experiences working out, whether it was a training class in college or at the gym with friends, I would always hear: 394 more words


Asian-American students share their struggles in #MyBananaStory

Some individuals consider the banana to simply be a sweet, crescent-shaped fruit. But for some Asian-American students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, it has a different connotation. 935 more words


Extra Blog Post 1 - The Mindy Project

A couple of days ago I watched The Mindy Project. The episode was called Lahiri Family Values. I thought this whole episode was interesting. It definitely dealt with Asian American issues and the model minority stereotype. 401 more words

Asian American

Asian Canadians vs. Asian Americans Pt. Deux

The United States of America and Canada are so close on the map, one would think they are exactly the same politically and geographically.

How about the political systems, which is how the countries are ruled, who makes the laws, and how different parts of the country are divided by political boundaries and the how the government is able to rule over several section of the country at once. 194 more words


Dear Tiger Moms, Please Stop

Please stop all of your messaging around the fact that your kid is not-even-trying-at-all, but still so-dang-smart.

I don’t know how many iterations I’ve heard (from relatives, from students, from my parents’ friends, and seemingly endless cousins, second cousins, etc) that Little Johnny, Little Eric got a 225, 226, 227 out of 240 on the PSAT and you’re just not sure — is that high enough? 714 more words