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for me, the only two familiar cultures: Chinese and American

I’m a Chinese American high-school student and I can’t even think about five specific aspects of my culture that I’d want to keep had I been forced to get rid of everything else. 2,006 more words


Dear Person-Asking-For-My-ASIAN-Name,

My mother gave me the name Malina when I was born.

This name is the result of a clash of cultures.

“Mali” is a common name in Laotian culture — it’s a jasmine flower. 107 more words


Culdesac Tsismis: Three Oddball Filipino Kids

Happy Monday, everyone! This marks the first official talking-about-something-I-have-been-working-on-and-kept-secret-for-years post about my novel! For the purposes of discussing the details, the work will be referred to as  1,174 more words

Asian American

Why Dating Is Called 'Dating' and Why Our Understanding Of It Is Backwards

Unlike most folks growing up in America, dating wasn’t really at the forefront of my life. At least, not at first. And, as a youth, the whole concept of “dating” was just foreign to me. 1,098 more words

A Decade In: My Reflections as an Asian American Teacher in Harlem in These Times

Note: I was trying to go for a much shorter read about criminal justice prison reform but this post transformed into something else much longer. Anyway, this is my first post on my teaching philosophy and my reflections on my positionality as an Asian American teacher to predominantly “Hispanic” or Latino and Black students in Harlem for the past 10 years. 1,949 more words

Asian Pacific American

Margaret Cho and race relations.

Margaret Cho: Whites ‘Too Scared’ to Talk Race with Blacks

Korean American comedienne Margaret Cho said on “Late Night with Seth Myers” that many of the viewers who complained about her comedic portrayal of a North Korean soldier, at last year’s Golden Globe awards, as being offensive were mostly white rather than Asian. 321 more words

Continental United States

Childhood Friend, XLanes, and the Elitist Arcade Community

Today, I bumped into my childhood friend Sam at XLanes in Little Tokyo. He and I go way back since middle school. In fact, he’s the only Chinese friend who speaks Cantonese that I have amongst my social circle and who I try to keep in touch with these days. 1,954 more words