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The model makes the minority

Continued from racism and inequality.

I think there is a misunderstanding on what the inequality with college is. It isn’t the cost. There are scholarships and people of color have easier access and thanks to affirmative action often easier standards to get in.

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The Loneliness of the Progressive Asian American Christian

For a long and formative time in my life, the Asian American church was my home. I came to faith at 15 in the high school ministry of a Chinese church. 231 more words

Race And Ethnicity

The Bible and Rap

Maya Aphornsuvan (Elizabethtown College ’18) follows the story of rapper, MC Jin, examining how the Bible and race color the meaning of his success–whether he wants it to or not. 1,541 more words


The Bible and Race in the USA: the Redundancy of Identity Politics

Hilary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign has prompted a number of post-mortem pieces on the state of the Democratic Party. Not too long ago, pundits had predicted that Donald Trump’s nativism spelled the end of the Grand Ole Party. 1,262 more words


Random quotes and thoughts after my daughter's high school team played this weekend

I once questioned the point of the Upward Basketball Program in which teams played against each other yet no scores were kept. However, after watching enough high school basketball teams compete over the last 4 to 5 years, I have begun to reassess my judgment about the Upward Basketball Program. 470 more words


Practicing the Future: Exercises in Immanent Speculation

Jonathan Crisman

Los Angeles is a city made from an assemblage of speculative practices. Spain colonized the region, surmising it was unsettled territory to be conquered—ignoring, of course, the Tongva who had lived here for thousands of years. 3,540 more words