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World Hepatitis Day Candlelight Vigil

Written by Isaac Song

On Sunday, July 19, the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center took part in a “World Hepatitis Day” Candlelight Vigil at Washington Square Park. 353 more words


All Asians Look Chinese

Be honest.

We all look Chinese to you, don’t we.

You probably went to our About Us page, saw our photos, and said, “Great, just what I need – another Chinese blogging couple.” 314 more words


Children's books

This is an interesting article that talks about erasure, rape culture, and so on: http://www.vox.com/2015/7/10/8901109/childrens-books-racist-sexist. I feel happy to have had my parents read me many stories with Asians in them: totochan, tikki tikki tembo (arguably a bit racist, but still), momotarosan, urashima taro, issunboushi, … I should read these to my kids! 157 more words


DVP Interview: Alice Wong and Tony Wong

Alice Wong interviewed Tony Wong (no relation) at StoryCorps San Francisco on July 2, 2015. Below are edited and condensed excerpts from their conversation for the… 1,360 more words


Conversation with my dad

My father is a man of few words. Because we live in different cities now, our interactions have been reduced to short, simple sentences flung back and forth through cyberspace. 576 more words


A Podcast Interview

I had a great time on the No, Totally! podcast talking with Shaun about being Asian American, the perils of the internet, and other mishmash.  He’s a great interviewer, editor, and all-around human being.

Race And Ethnicity