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Dinner and a Dance

WAVE Merrily Kurtz Hewett remembers evenings in Hawaii:

The fellows liked to be asked to come.  Have meals with us.  You have your friends over for a meal. 

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Chow Time!

Less than two hours after the first WAVES disembarked from their ship in Pearl Harbor in January of 1945, they were in line for their first meal. 21 more words

Unofficial Greeting

It wasn’t just the Navy officers who were happy to see the WAVES. The enlisted men were as well.

Just getting more familiar – some of those fellas had been over there three and four years and didn’t know what a woman looked like ..

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Official Greeting

The commanding WAVE officer for the first transport was Lieutenant Winnifred Love. This image shows her being greeted upon arrival by Lieutenant Commander Eleanor Rigby and Captain H.K. 7 more words


Hawaii was a Pacific territory during World War II. But it wasn’t the manicured beaches and tourism mecca that we know today.

It was a territory, and it was laid back, you have to understand, very very primitive. 

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In Port!

The WAVES travelled aboard an L-S-T ship, or troop transport ship. It was mostly women aboard – the only sailors were the crew.

It was fun being aboard ship.

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In Quarantine

The trip to Hawaii didn’t always go smoothly.

We ported and we were all going on the same ship. This was really under tight orders because they were very careful about  us. 

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