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"Ok! Editors top Nazi most wanted list"

Despite a grovelling apology for likening the post-partum Duchess of Cambridge to a “people carrier”, the staff of the weekly celebrity magazine have become a target for the German authorities. 221 more words


Inter-Cosmos Relationships

We have been getting an influx of emails lately from people interested in inter-cosmos relationships. This is a very delicate subject and has to be handled with the utmost care. 272 more words


Pots and Kettles

When I saw that the Daily Express was reporting that ‘foreigners’ have stolen £70 million from the NHS I was shocked to my core.

Not by the sheer scale of the rip off being perpetrated by these foreigners (a hefty 0.006% of the NHS annual budget), but by the blatant hypocrisy of this tawdry rag. 465 more words