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Everyday Bravery of Immigrant Parents

During my part-time job as a receptionist at an ECE center, I talked to a family who recently immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong. I had spoken to them prior over the phone and gave them instructions in Cantonese on how to transit to the center, but they still completely missed their free trial class. 674 more words


You aren't the only winner

A month ago, my poem “Regional Transit,” won Prism Magazine’s poetry contest, judged by Ken Babstock. Another poem I’d entered, “The Hydro Men” had been shortlisted. 1,162 more words


Staycation 2015 - Vroom!

The boyfriend and I like competing with each other, so we decided to go Go-Karting. This is his 1st time while this is my 4th(?) time. 59 more words


I’m a little late on this, but April 16 was our 2.5 years of being together! That day also marks the countdown of 50 more days until I get to see him =). 8 more words

Staycation 2015 - Watch me.

This was the night before we moved to the apartment we rented. We slept separately this night because the bed(bunk bed) is small to sleep comfortably with two people. 64 more words

Staycation 2015 - Airport Lag.

So the boyfriend came here for a short visit from March 4th-14th. Such a short visit, and was even shorter than before because of daylight savings and his flight times changed =(. 272 more words

Racism Against Asian Teachers and Professors

Thanks to my subscription to Reappropriate, I came across an article called Students Give Worst Reviews to Professors With Asian Names. This got me thinking about how this is one normalized way that anti-Asian racism plays out in our society in a seemingly harmless way. 413 more words

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