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"Why Should an Australian Read This Book?" - Musings from an Australian Perspective

Why should I read this book? What a good question, Barry Li.

This is the third part of my elongated discussion of Barry Li’s book  944 more words


NATO’s Partners in the Asia-Pacific: Casualties of the Pivot Toward Europe?

Written by Rebecca R. Moore.

Seeking to allay concerns that its Asia pivot heralded an abandonment of Europe, the Obama administration in early 2013 appealed to NATO to join the United States in enhancing its defence-related engagement in the Asia-Pacific region.  1,170 more words


NATO in the Asian Century?

Written by Adam Twardowski.

How will an alliance originally conceived to deter the Soviet Union from invading Western Europe stay relevant in this Asian Century? 1,051 more words


If India wants a meaningful place in the Asian Century it must act big and act now

The twenty-first century is widely referred to as ’the Asian Century’. Less obvious, however, is the place for India in the economically resurgent Asia. Can India be harness its demographic and democratic dividends to drive the growth and rise to the prominence? 921 more words

South Asia

America and the Afghan-Pakistan Conundrum

Members of the Mujahideen relax in Kandar , Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War.

Written by Elisabeth Leake

Considering the history of US-South Asia relations during the twentieth century, two very different issues come to light, depending on the degree of retrospection. 945 more words


Marketing the American Way of Life: US Cultural Diplomacy in Iran, 1953-58

Written by Darius Wainwright

The United States is the ‘Great Satan’. Iranian government officials have uttered this remark on numerous occasions since the 1979 Revolution, where the Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, was overthrown and replaced by an Islamic Republic. 909 more words

United States

America’s Road to World War II: Asia, and the Beginnings of the American Century

Franklin D. Roosevelt delivers his “infamy speech”, declaring the United States’ entry into World War II following the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Written by Andrew Johnstone… 1,363 more words