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The One Belt One Road: making China great again

Written by Paulo Duarte.

If once all roads led to Rome, today Beijing strives to ensure that all roads lead, in the medium and long term, to China, making the country a global mega hub. 751 more words


Australia's only "China Choice" is to uphold its own values

Values-based foreign policy is in vogue in Australian policymaking circles. In his  Shangri-La Dialogue, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull evoked the values of the region, while calling out China’s behaviour in everything but name. 1,823 more words


Asian Century Latest: India Fills 0.60846% of International Student Quota!

Just 30,423 international students enrolled in Indian #highered institutions in 2016, a drop of nearly 1,000 (▼2.26%) on 2015 #India #edchat

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) …

134 more words

Asia’s Dangerous New Geopolitics

Written by Nick Bisley.

The first week of July is not normally one that brings great events in world politics. Around that time, the northern hemisphere normally shifts into summer holiday mode. 1,049 more words


"Why Should an Australian Read This Book?" - Musings from an Australian Perspective

Why should I read this book? What a good question, Barry Li.

This is the third part of my elongated discussion of Barry Li’s book  944 more words

Book Review

NATO’s Partners in the Asia-Pacific: Casualties of the Pivot Toward Europe?

Written by Rebecca R. Moore.

Seeking to allay concerns that its Asia pivot heralded an abandonment of Europe, the Obama administration in early 2013 appealed to NATO to join the United States in enhancing its defence-related engagement in the Asia-Pacific region.  1,170 more words


NATO in the Asian Century?

Written by Adam Twardowski.

How will an alliance originally conceived to deter the Soviet Union from invading Western Europe stay relevant in this Asian Century? 1,051 more words