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Mary, the Elephant that got Hanged.

Mary was an Asian elephant born in 1894 although it is unclear where. She was bought 1896 by Charlie Sparks, owner of ‘Spark’s World Famous Show’ where she became a performer and described as “Mary, the largest living land animal on Earth; 3 inches taller than Jumbo and weighing over 5 tons. 621 more words

Animal Cruelty

In Search of Elephants

Day 477 – 20 June, 2016

A few years ago, on a vacation in Nepal, I rode an elephant. It seemed like an exotic fun thing to do. 713 more words

Dolly The Elephant Euthanized At Denver Zoo

DENVER (AP) – Denver Zoo officials say Dolly the elephant has died.

The elephant was in declining health because of her age. Zoo officials said Saturday she was at least 50 years old. 44 more words


An elephant never forgets

According to Mental _Floss website, there is a great truth to the old adage “an elephant never forgets.” However, I seem to be more and more forgetful as time marches on, and my brain cells flicker and die a little at a time. 555 more words


Dolly The Elephant Offered Hospice-Style Care At Denver Zoo

DENVER (CBS4) – Dolly, an Asian elephant at the Denver Zoo, is being offered hospice-style care by the Denver Zoo staff.

In a Facebook post… 155 more words


The Big Times - Working with Elephants

Wildlife Safari is home to many creatures, from the tiny to the huge! The Elephant department looks after the biggest of the bunch. With five elephants, this herd keeps their care takers pretty busy! 578 more words


Elephants are some of the largest land animals on the planet. Two different types of elephants exist, the African and the Asian elephant, with African elephants being larger in size than their Asian cousins.