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Crazy Horse Buttress, Thailand

After a great trip to Italy we went to Crazy Horse Buttress outside Chiang Mai in northern Thailand for the second half of our climbing holiday. 308 more words


A visit to Chester Zoo!

Yesterday I began the Easter holidays with a visit to Chester Zoo with my sister – a place I love very much but haven’t been to for a few years. 480 more words


"Wooly mammoth DNA successfully spliced into elephant genome"


Researchers at Harvard University are one step closer to bringing the wooly mammoth back to life, having successfully inserted wooly mammoth genes into living cells collected from an Asian elephant.

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Mammoth step forward? Scientists splice Woolly DNA into elephant cells

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Scientists at Harvard University are one step closer to bringing Woolly mammoths back to life, after successfully inserting some sequences of mammoth DNA into an elephant genome. 303 more words


Don't Cut through Coorg

You already know it. I am obsessed with trees. My motto is: this planet needs more trees and more free hugs but not everybody is agree. 81 more words


elephant head brass door knocker

Great vintage find by UnaontheSIDEBOARD (18.00 GBP) http://ift.tt/1AzlX8Q

Ringling Bros Announces the Retirement of All Their Performing Elephants

The surprise announcement today by Feld Entertainment to the Associated Press to phase out the elephant acts in the Ringling Bros Circus was HUGE. First and foremost, for the elephants. 418 more words