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'Namatjira Project'

A meandering, unfocused documentary, the Namatjira Project explores the legacy of one of the earliest successful Australian aboriginal painters, Albert Namatjira. The first indigenous Australian to be granted citizenship back in the 50s, his extended family has battled to reclaim their heritage since his death in 1959. 60 more words


Hayao Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke (1997)

In 1995 Hayao Miyazaki took a group of artists and animators to the ancient forests of Yakushima, which inspired the landscapes in the film. At the beginning, the narrator says: 831 more words


'Ali's Wedding'

Voted as The Age newspaper’s best Australian film at the recent Melbourne International Film Festival, Ali’s Wedding is a dire rom-com that, based on true events, mistakenly plays everything for laughs. 129 more words


Akira Kurosawa, Rashōmon (1950)

To claim that Akira Kurosawa is an enigmatic director would be an understatement. One of the greatest filmmakers in cinema history, but also a paradigm (and a synecdoche) of post-war Japan, he combines influences from Western literature (e.g. 1,021 more words


'A Man of Integrity'

An honest yet downtrodden fish farmer (a quiet, nuanced performance by Reza Akhlaghirad in his film debut) fights corruption and injustice in rural Iran.

A Man of Integrity… 62 more words


The Battlehship Island (2017) Mini Film Review


Under the colonial rule of Japan, the life of 400 or so Koreans who are conscripted into slave labor on ‘The Battleship Island’ and their attempt to escape. 297 more words

Film Review

តើអ្នក​នឹង​ត្រូវ​ដោះស្រាយ​យ៉ាងដូចម្តេច​ទៅ នៅ​ពេល​ម្តាយ​ឪពុក​របស់​អ្នក​ ពិបាក​រក​ប្រាក់ចំណូល ដើម្បី​ផ្គត់ផ្គង់​ជីវិត​អ្នក​ និង​ជីវិត​គ្រួសារ ហើយ​ពួកគាត់​ចង់​ឲ្យ​អ្នក​​ទៅ​រៀន​បន្ត​នៅ​មហាវិទ្យាល័យ​ល្អ ដើម្បី​ឲ្យ​អនាគត​របស់​អ្នក​ភ្លឺ​ស្វាង​ជាង​ពួកគាត់ខ្លាំង ថែមទាំង​ធ្វើ​ឲ្យ​ពួកគាត់ មាន​មោទកភាព​ចំពោះ​រូប​អ្នក?


David  យុវជនកូន​ទោល​ នៅ​ក្នុង​កុន​«Spa Night» ត្រូវ​បង្ខំ​ចិត្ត​កុហក ម្តាយ​ឪពុក​របស់​គេ ថាទៅ​​រៀន​ត្រៀម​ដើម្បី​ប្រឡង​ចូល​មហាវិទ្យាល័យ តែ​តាម​ពិត​រូប​គេ លួច​ទៅ​ធ្វើ​ការ​សោះ ដើម្បី​ជួយ​រក​ប្រាក់​កម្រៃ រំលែក​អំរែង​ប្រាក់​ដ៏​សែនធ្ងន់​របស់​គ្រួសារ​គេ។ មិនមែន​ថា David មិន​ស្រលាញ់​ការ​រៀន និង​មិន​ចង់បន្ត​ជីវិត​នៅ​មហាវិទ្យាល័យ​នោះទេ តែ​ធ្វើ​ម្តេច បើ​លក្ខខណ្ឌ​បង្ខំ​រូប​គេ ឲ្យ​ជ្រើសរើស​យក​ផ្លូវ​មួយ​នេះ។ 13 more words