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EXAFM 2016: The PRINT edition/PDF Version for download!!

If you follow this blog, you know I was doing a film event for extreme Asian films in the month of July. The end result was to be a printed fanzine with all of the reviews that were written in it. 69 more words


EXAFM 2016 Day 31: Organ (1996)

Organ (1996) film thoughts… Another one of those films I “heard” about but never was able to see. Thankfully, I was able to find one online new for a few bucks. 209 more words


EXAFM 2016 Day 24: Battle Royale (2001) review by Jon Weidler

You gotta hand it to Asian schoolkids: they could be the most resilient, adaptable human beings walking the Earth today.

Seriously: Sin City notwithstanding, how often do you see bodies riddled with a dozen bullets at close range, that somehow bounce back to fight some more (even delivering profound parting words before shuffling off this mortal coil)? 512 more words

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EXAFM 2016 Day 22: KICHIKU DAI ENKAI (1997) review by William D. Prystauk

Also known as BANQUET OF THE BEASTS, the movie is based upon the Asama-Sanso Incident. During a ten-day siege in 1972 at Karuizawa, members of the United Red Army (URA) turned against themselves, resulting in a blood bath. 388 more words

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EXAFM 2016 Day 21: Outrage (2010) Review by Jonny Numb

In the mid-‘90s, Hollywood had an infatuation with cherry-picking the prolific action stars of Asian cinema and priming them for Stateside stardom. Audiences fell in love with Jackie Chan with Rumble in the Bronx. 726 more words

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EXAFM 2016 Day 20: Tormented (2011) review by Michael E. Wilson

It must be said at the outset that one man’s Extreme Asian Cinema is another man’s Julie Andrews Film Festival. As one who tends to avoid films loaded down with graphic violence and buckets of (hopefully fake) blood, my concept of “extreme” is no doubt quite different than someone with a higher tolerance for the glories of gore. 669 more words