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Dispatches from Cinemalaya 2016 (Part 3)

Dagsin (Atom Magadia)

It’s understandable to frown upon Dagsin. It is the kind of drama that makes it a point to explain, piling details on the already heavy background of its lead character. 1,635 more words


Film Review: Visitor Q

If you have read any of my previous articles, you would know that I’m a massive Takashi Miike fan. I’ve been blown away with every film I’ve seen from this guy. 597 more words

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Dispatches from Cinemalaya 2016 (Part 2)

Ang Bagong Pamilya ni Ponching (Inna Miren Salazar Acuña and Dos Ocampo)

For a light comedy, a genre which is always a welcome addition to a festival that usually leans towards serious and heavy themes, … 889 more words


Dispatches from Cinemalaya 2016 (Part 1)

1-2-3 (Carlo Obispo)

The heartbreak of 1-2-3 comes from its lead characters: a young girl, driven by her dream to be a singer, who leaves her small fishing town to escape violence and poverty, and her brother who tries to save her from the claws of prostitution. 1,107 more words


Film Review: Audition

We’ve all heard of Audition. I’ve heard about it, you’ve heard about it, everyone has heard about it. A massive hit in it’s home country, Audition is for all you gory film lovers out there, and if you’ve haven’t seen it, then you are completely missing out! 470 more words

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Film Review Hentai Kamen

You know that film that catches your eye with how bizarre and fun it looks? You know the one, that one with the insane cover and plot that you just HAVE to buy just to see if it’s as crazy as it looks and sounds? 495 more words

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Momotaro's Sky Adventure

Director: Chuzo Aoji
Release Date:
Stars: Momotaro
Rating: ★★★½

In ‘Momotaro’s Sky Adventure’ (also known as ‘Aerial Momotaro’) Japanese animation pioneers Aoji and Yasuji Murata tell a tale about that great and friendly warrior from Japanese folklore, Momotaro, who had been brought to the animated screen by Takamasa Eigasha in ‘Momotaro the Undefeated’ (1928). 294 more words

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