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Coconut Curry Halibut

Summer is officially here.  The girls are all done with school!  No more early morning rushing, late night cramming or non-stop stressing about grades.  No more “I’m busy!” when we want to talk to them.  557 more words


Nori-Wrapped Salmon with Edamame Shiitake Salad

A few years ago, we spent a day at a friend’s beautiful vineyard in Napa. Looking back, the vineyard itself has become a blur, but one appetizer that they served was so delicious that I still remember it distinctly.  597 more words


Kimchi Chicken

Angela found a summer job writing for a website called OMGhow.com. It’s a website of the young people, for the young people and by the young people – and in Angela’s case very young people.  638 more words


Poached Halibut in Shiitake Soy Broth

Angela left on her own for Boston on a 6 AM flight.  I was surprised by her decision to fly back to Andover to visit her friends, many of whom will be graduating next month.  602 more words


Wasabi Rice Bowl

Angela is going to her first prom this Saturday and she didn’t have time to worry about it until now.  She needs a dress, pronto.  I have many vintage evening gowns that are gorgeous.  538 more words


Chinese Chicken Salad & the Person in the Morror



There are mornings when I look into the mirror and see certain signs of aging, that have appeared only now and then in the past, become final.  605 more words


Tempeh 3 Ways

Okay, this stuff is my new obsession!!  Don’t know what tempeh is?  Let me help you out…

  • Tempeh

Tempeh is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia. 732 more words