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"So This Is Where She Makes Her Mistake"

In some classic literature novel there is a character who always says, “So this is where (he/she) makes (her/his) mistake.”  I think it was Mr. Wickfield in David Copperfield, but I’m not sure.   373 more words

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Fresh Udon

On Thursday we had to make a run into New Jersey for wine and to have our dog Jessie hand stripped.  Liquor stores in Pennsylvania are all government owned, run and stocked with expensive, though no class, bottles of  wine from Barton & Guestier, Louis Jadot and Gallo.   172 more words

Food And Wine

A Bowl of Noodles

I ordered what I thought would be fresh udon noodles through, I think, amazon.com.  The noodles I received were neither fresh nor udon, but they were a good quality noodle.   176 more words

Food And Wine

Seriously Spicy Aubergine and Veal with Pasta

There were two motivations behind the plate I made today.  The first was the wonderful spicy, garlic aubergine I had at the take-out Chinese in Hawley and the fact that when I went back a couple of days later it wasn’t as spicy and on the third visit they were completely out of aubergine.   513 more words

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Wakeful in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, I mentally reviewed some of the great produce I bought at the Scranton Farmers’ Market, thinking of Indian masala.

I still had some Tuscan kale and pretty, little red potatoes that remind me of apples when they are sliced. 285 more words

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Quails R Us Plus

About 20 minutes outside of Honesdale there is a farm called Quails R Us Plus that sells fresh eggs; goose, chicken and quail.  In addition they advertise poultry and lamb.   84 more words

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Jade left the school in Massachusetts wanting to get into the Zen of meditation, green tea, vegetarianism and Buddha (Buddhism).

The food in the school cantine must have been shocking.   285 more words

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