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Is Literotica Biased Against AM/WF Stories?

I just checked my Literotica account and noticed something interesting about the stats on my posted stories.

Now, let me say that user-voted scores compiled to give the averaged-out ratings per story don’t make or break how I view the stories, as I’ll freely let everyone know I’m not a skilled writer or anything, so let’s put the ego thing aside.  609 more words


Ang Lee, and the dialogistics of emasculation.

Dialogistics: I have taken advantage of the words dialogue, meaning discussion, conversation, and those responses generated by such; combined it with its implied accessory features of possible discussions of shared meaning about imagery, and assiciation of meaning-and personal narrative that goes along with that, and applied it to another word. 265 more words


UPDATE Overdue

I warned earlier that I’m not much of a writer, author, or blogger, so sorry for the lack of updates and new stories.

So warning in advance, this post is going to be very rambling, but it’s more important I just get my thoughts out or I’ll never write it, and get into swing of this blogging thing I’m still learning. 2,505 more words


A Slight Primer For any Asian Men reading this

Foreign or western.

I think most of you know what’s going on, but if you don’t, it’s really not worth worrying about.

It dawned on me that Asian women will hold much lower standards for white males, because they genuinely view them as superior. 257 more words

Internet Comments from Eurasian Boys that PROVES that AW/WM Breeds Mental Illness

I will keep updating these as I find them.

I tell my readers right now: with the frequency of these relationships and the sickness that goes into them (see the above picture about HATE and LOVE) there are bound to be more and more… 975 more words

AMWF dating in Japan: my experiences.

I’d like to start off by saying that Ryo and I are officially dating! Since like…a few weeks ago hehe. It’s been soooo great, and I can’t wait to start writing about our relationship here! 1,808 more words


7 Things My Biracial Sons Will Be Asked Because They Look More Asian Than White

July 14, 2015: Disclaimer: I’m no expert, but I’m a mom and teacher operating in my spaces situated in history. I’m not here to invalidate anyone truly willing to dialogue with me, because: 1,670 more words