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The fetishization of East Asian Men in esports

On a previous blog post I talked about some of the forms of racism that many East Asian Overwatch League players face. One that I will bring forth today is the more overlooked yet still alarming one, which is the demasculinization and fetishization of East Asian men. 252 more words

New Chronicles, New Tribe!

Hello again!

I know that it’s been almost a month since I’ve checked in, but I can promise you that I have a good reason. 392 more words

Short Stories

Tips for Asian guys trying to match with Western girls on Tinder

I am back on Tinder. I find it is a great tool for meeting new people; people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet as they are outside of my circle of friends. 648 more words

The Plight of the Asian Man and How it Relates So Well With Black Women in America and The Desexualization of Asian Men!

Asian men and black women are the only groups of people in American media who are seen as unattractive simply because of who we are…

838 more words

The birth of MOXIE

The story behind MOXIE is a long and arduous one. Around the same time last year, I was approached by PUBU, a Taiwanese digital distributor of magazine and books, to introduce my photographic work through their channels. 243 more words

Why I love (and care about) Asian men

Fact: I never cared about black men, I never cared about Indian or Latino men either. I didn’t care about Asian men.

I never found black men attractive. 426 more words