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Miss Granny (2014) Movie Review

Miss Granny
Review by: Imfaerae

The main plot of this movie follows Oh Mal-soon, a grandmother who is switched into the body of her younger self and experiences her youth again. 516 more words


The Thieves (2012) Movie Review

The Thieves
By TonyD

The Thieves is a South Korean heist film directed by Choi Dong-Hoon, One of the first things i noticed was the amazing cast line up from the stunning dream team of  ‘Jun Ji-hyun’ and ‘Kim Soo-hyun’  to the Seasoned actress Kim Hae-sook who we have seen in many recent K-Dramas in 2014. 409 more words


Snowpiercer (2013) Movie Review

By TonyD

Snowpiercer is loosely based on the French graphic novel “La Transperceneige,” directed by Joon Ho-Bong, and with his earlier directions of the well know Korean monster flick “The Host”, This unique science fiction film Snowpiercer suspiciously felt like a really bad B-movie with a not so thrilling synopsis, so to boot i was going in to this film with no expectations. 384 more words

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Helpless (2012) Movie Review

By Imfaerae

At first glance Helpless seems to be a remake of an American film, The Vanishing with Kiefer Sutherland. A man is on a trip with his fiancé and she disappears without a trace at a rest stop. 443 more words

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Masquerade (2012) Movie Review

By jediprincess♡♡♡

Living up to its box office success and strong cast ensembles, Gwanghae/Masquerade presented an astonishing story filled with amusing characters, and perfectly inserted humor that has balanced the serious tone of a sageuk movie. 302 more words

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The Tower (2012) Movie Review

The Tower
By TonyD

Now being a disaster genre fan i was really looking forward to watching this, following in the footsteps of an old classics such as Steve McQueen’s “The Towering inferno “back in 1974, I was expecting something special, and i wasn’t disappointed, I will get strait to the point, This was one of the best Disaster Films to come out of Korea in the past few years, even Tidal Wave which was also good effort at the time, “The Tower“ Was number one. 391 more words

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The Flu (2013) Movie Review

The Flu (2013)
By TonyD

The Flu starts off with quite common arc, illegal immigrants being transported from Hong Kong in a cargo container to South Korea. 476 more words

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