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Easy, Healthy Honey Garlic Chicken Recipe

Y’all…..This was so good. I wasn’t sure how it would come out, but it’s definitely a new favorite.  225 more words


All that and Dim Sum 🥟

I’ve brought dimsum back into my life over the weekend and making it always leaves me feeling happy and accomplished.

Dimsum wrapper quality- good

Dimsum filling- delicious… 249 more words

Hatter's Eat Me Noodle Soup [Halal]

A, A, I know what you are thinking. You must be, what? I can make my own Instant Noodle soup. I beat you can, but this is ‘Eat Me Noodle Soup’ and so of course it’s different. 429 more words

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Soy Steamed Fish

This is another staple dish in our house – the entire family loves it. No matter how many filets I cook, they never last, and there’s never any left over. 204 more words


Beef Rendang

Portion size: 15 (as accompaniment to boiled rice)
Prep and Cooking time: 3-4 hour


Oven save Pan or cast iron casserole dish (with lid) 373 more words

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The Saturday Kitchen -- Tau Sar Piah & the Joy of Mung Beans

Mung beans is a perfect testament to the adage, still waters run deep. One glance and it may be the wallflower of the culinary world, pale, insipid and so small you hardly notice its presence. 746 more words


Sous Vide Asian Duck Breast

I’m a sucker for delicious duck dishes, especially ones with a sauce and an Asian twist. This sous vide Asian duck breast, with really crispy skin, is up there in my favourites. 621 more words