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My "Fresh of The Boat" TV Series review! Asians on TV!? Hide Your Children, White People!!!

Asian people?  On TV?!?!  Wait….I need to catch my breath…..

An Asian family…..



FUCK YEAH!!!!!  FINALLY, GODDAMNIT!!  A show where we’re not playing the cop, or the doctor, or the cop, or the doctor, OR THE DOCTOR!!!  1,032 more words

Once Again, The Asians Can't Help Themselves

I just watched the trailer for this piece of horseshit, because it’s featured on IMDB.  I thought I could at least get a few Uwe Boll sized laughs.  284 more words

Something important to me

Ok guys please watch this. The video starts a min into the interview (which is for an american action thriller that was released january 8th also starring chris hemsworth), when the interviewer asks Leehom, “How could your character speak such good English?” 108 more words


Tuesday Morning Rant about Gender Equality

So I found this article (ok it is not really an article but let’s just call an article) on what Asian women do to keep their men happy and I of course can’t keep my opinion to myself after reading such a thing. 442 more words

I don't know what to say, so here's a rainbow.

This past Monday, I saw this before walking into school.

It had barely rained. And there it was. This rainbow, adding to the mounting pile of what I cannot begin to understand. 885 more words

The Grace Lee Project

It’s not uncommon for me to remark about a movie that it was only OK to me, but that I can imagine a lot of people really liking it. 718 more words


I Should Be Grateful My Sons Are Asian

It’s not that I failed to notice before the recent events in Missouri that the US carried a lot of racial baggage. During my first three years living here as a grad student from Canada, there was no avoiding the knowledge that I was only one of three Asian students in the creative writing program. 1,869 more words

Deep (& Shallow) Thoughts