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Angry Asian Man is angry about a lot of things, not least of which is that Asian men are not "Popular" in America. Why?

In America, pop culture is infused with images and stereotypes that are pervasive, and powerful, often hurtful, and more often, plainly false ideas about individuals and groups of people.  370 more words

A Masterpost: Eleanor and Park, Racism, and Other Problematic Aspects of the Book

So I did it. I finally read Eleanor and Park, a young adult novel written by Rainbow Rowell that focuses on the love story between a white, overweight, poor, domestically abused girl and a biracial Korean-American boy in 1986 Omaha. 8,436 more words


What is backward, exotic and uncivilised all over?

Eastern cultures apparently. Well, according to Orientalist point of view that is.

The Oxford Dictionary states that Orientalism can be defined as “the style, artefacts, or traits considered characteristics of the people and cultures of Asia.” or “the representation of Asia in a stereotyped way that is regarded as embodying a colonialist attitude.” It often involves seeing Eastern cultures as exotic, backward, uncivilised and at times dangerous. 529 more words

Steps toward acceptance: battling internalized racism

Eschewing Vietnamese when around other Vietnamese people (though it is her first language), and even negatively generalizing about her own ethnic group, my mother exhibits traces of internalized racism. 23 more words


A culture of shame

I should be embarrassed. I should be worried. Or so says my mother.

Firstly, I look unprofessional. My right ear has five piercing holes in it while my left ear has three. 796 more words


My "Fresh of The Boat" TV Series review! Asians on TV!? Hide Your Children, White People!!!

Asian people?  On TV?!?!  Wait….I need to catch my breath…..

An Asian family…..



FUCK YEAH!!!!!  FINALLY, GODDAMNIT!!  A show where we’re not playing the cop, or the doctor, or the cop, or the doctor, OR THE DOCTOR!!!  1,032 more words

Once Again, The Asians Can't Help Themselves

I just watched the trailer for this piece of horseshit, because it’s featured on IMDB.  I thought I could at least get a few Uwe Boll sized laughs.  284 more words