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Cheap Phuket Travel

We all want the best deal in travelling so here are some details on how you could travel in style while on a budget in Phuket. 615 more words

Asian Travel

Bohol: 1st Day Arrival + Countryside Tour

Summer na!!!

Last year was in Boracay, I wasn’t able to post it because uhm.. I don’t know.. I was so lazy to take photos that time hehehe. 524 more words


Laos town known for drunkenness and tourist deaths cleans up its act

The town of Vang Vieng in Laos was once synonymous with backpacker excess, but now offers adventure activities that make the most of its stunning location


Why I Love South Korea

 1. Food

2. Four Season





3. People

4. Rich Culture

5. City and Subway 9 more words

Asian Travel

All Aboard Mariner of the Seas-Cruise

The sky was gloomy, a bit windy and­­­­­­­­­­ and was drizzling, but it didn’t make my heart sulk, I was still very excited because for the first time and I’d never really imagined I can experience a Titanic moment of my life. 1,031 more words


Lakbay Baguio: Mines View Park in a hurry

I can vividly recall my earliest visit to Baguio’s famed Mines View Park. I was a young girl back then, around 8 or 9 years old, standing at the side of the ridge watching some tourists throw loose change down the ravine where young agile children are waiting with cups they use to catch loose coins. 617 more words

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