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Farm Animals - Palanan Page 5

Four little pigs.

If you like the sound of snorting piggies outside your bedroom window early in the morning, then Dibungko is for you.

If you like to find them grazing at your back lawn, looking for food, then Dibungko is for you. 43 more words


The Asian Tourist - 6 essential survival tips.

If you’re new to travelling in Asia and want to avoid embarrassment, jail time and possible disembowelment, please refer to this useful guide.

1 Pet lovers. 654 more words


Spirited Away in Jiufen

Some people say this place inspired the Miyazaki animated film Spirited Away. Although this isn’t a verified fact with all the steps, food, lanterns, and the Grand Teahouse which looks like Yubaba’s bathhouse, I’m starting to feel like Chichiro. 507 more words


Beitou: Hot Springs And A Whole Lot More

Arnaud and I headed to Beitou for some nature on our second day in Taipei. Upon getting out of the Xinbeitou train station we could immediately feel the laidback atmosphere. 910 more words


Dinner at Raohe Night Market

Our first Taiwan night market experience was in Raohe and it was better than I expected. You wouldn’t know where to look! There’s just so much of everything, both food and people. 291 more words


Visto para o Vietnã

Brasileiros precisam de visto para visitar o Vietnã , mas é bem simples. Não há necessidade de ir a embaixada do pais. O processo e iniciado pela internet , mas o visto em si, você recebe ao chegar na primeira cidade do Vietnã onde irá desembarcar. 159 more words

Hoi An - Jóia do Vietnã

Tudo conspirou a favor… a cidade, o clima e a cia de amigas queridas.

E assim foi nossa passagem por essa charmosa cidade do Vietnã, chamada Hoi An. 706 more words