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The staggering difference between rich Asian Americans and poor Asian Americans

The staggering difference between rich Asian Americans and poor Asian Americans:

Even within a minority group, it can be easy to fall victim to the assumption that everyone else that wears your label is just like you – a testament to the invisibility of privilege.  104 more words

Australia seeks full inclusion in Asian Summer Games

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

MELBOURNE: Australia hopes to bring a full delegation of athletes to the 2022 Asian Summer Games in China and is seeking approval from the continent’s Olympic council, Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) President John Coates has said. 268 more words

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ART @ Assumption Pathway School, Cashew Road: $12 NETT Porridge Buffet Every Last Friday of the Month 

ART is the acronym for The Assumption Restaurant for Training, a restaurant to train students at Assumption Pathway School (APS). When children don’t pass their PSLE, they have the option of entering APS which has vocational training courses on hospitality, baking, hairdressing, culinary, and design. 474 more words


Scarlett Johansson in Yellowface?

Karly Morgan



A Japanese anime series called Ghost in the Shell is getting a live action movie soon, and there has been outrage over the casting choices made by the filmmakers. 184 more words

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Hollywood is up to its old whitewashing trickery again, casting the actress Scarlett Johansson to play a Japanese cyborg in the new Ghost in the Shell live movie. The movie, which is a live action remake of the classic Japanese anime of the same name, takes place in Japan and from the trailer it appears that most of the other characters and extras are in fact Japanese. So why the main character had to be a white woman wearing a cheap-looking black bob on her head to make her appear to look more Asian is anyone's guess. It's not as if there aren't actual Japanese actresses in the world. I hear there are plenty of them in this country called Japan. But what do I know?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4VmJcZR0Yg?rel=0]

Soft pandan bread buns

Makes 8-10 buns

Recipe modified slightly from Kimmy cooking-pleasure’s blog.

Ingredients A

270 gm bread flour

1/2 tsp salt

50 gm castor sugar

2 tsp instant yeast… 262 more words

K for Chicken

GAMI FRIED CHICKEN: On the night before the annual White Night event in Melbourne CBD, we decided to take a long walk away from the beginning of the festivities for an early-ish dinner at Gami Fried Chicken on 535 Lonsdale Street. 414 more words