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These Walls

It’s 21° out, not a cloud in the sky. There’s a slight breeze near the water, but it can’t reach through the narrow alleys, barbecue shops, and clan associations of Chinatown. 298 more words


{sf} museum for everything asian

The Asian Art Museum will occasionally have free admission days (thanks to Target, I think). This is always nice because who doesn’t love getting to visit a museum for free when it normally costs money. 191 more words


Cultural Perceptions

If the ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures ever met, how would they draw each other in their own native art styles?

I would say drawing in a recognizably “Chinese” style was tougher, because while the Egyptian style and the creative liberties it takes with human anatomy are very distinctive, the way Chinese artists would draw their human subjects seems a bit more realistic and less obviously stylistic. 66 more words


Finally, Indonesia!

Made sure to get some street curry and street samosa for the road which was great and cheap then left for my plane to Jakarta. Was able to sneak into my own private rows on both flights and sleep. 868 more words


Salmon and sesame udon salad

Christopher: ‘This very simple asian style salmon dish is both healthy and delicious. It has a fab mix of soft udon noodles and crunchy roasted sesame seeds’  220 more words