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My New Favourite Anthology - Ever? // Hungry Hearts Book Review

Wow, this was truly such an experience. This was an absolutely phenomenal anthology which spoke to my soul and heart, lived up to all my expectations. 1,335 more words

That Asian Ain't Aging! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today I honor my Mother for her Birthday!

It was 30 years ago that she birthed me. “Very long time.” No, it was 20 years more than that. 437 more words

Social Life

Why you have a 100% chance of meeting an Asian who does nails

Nails. Feet. Hair. Scalp. These body parts are sacred and deserves to be treated by an Asian, and only an Asian. Why?

Not to sound racist here, but Asians got the market share in the nail business. 240 more words

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I Found A Favourite of the Year and am Actually Doing Well On My TBR? // Recent Reads #3 (ft. Books With the Prettiest Illustrated Covers, Me Having A Lot to Say + Audiobooks Saving My Life)

In the plot twist of the century, sis found a 5 star read!

I know. Shocking.

I don’t know what else to say (I’m an incredibly awkward human lmao), and this post is way too long, so let’s just get into it! 2,346 more words

(Inhabiting) the Space between Black and White: Indian/Sikh Community in Kenya

Much of my early childhood in the late seventies and early eighties was spent growing up in Kenya (Nakuru and Nairobi), giving me fond memories of a nostalgic past. 1,087 more words

August Reading Plans: Ft. A Traditional TBR (Who Am I?) & Me Failing My July TBR (but honestly, what's new?)

So yes, TBRs (and exposing my inability are still a thing here.

I don’t know how well I’m going to do on my August TBR, considering the busyness of August. 1,316 more words

Gods and Goddesses of abstraction: Why Western thought is scientific

In discrete mathematics, categorization is a form of abstraction. There are many different kinds of birds, but there is also bird”ness” that is common across all birds. 633 more words