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Milton and the Revolution

It’s 10:15 of the p.m.—Saturday night.  I am reluctant to go home for fear of what I may find.  There is Milton to consider.  I discovered Milton just days upon my arrival up here in this cleverly disguised tundra.   1,289 more words



On the way to work last Wednesday I spied what was quite possibly the reddest ladybug ever.


DAMN, but if there aren’t a ton of jerks out there. Seriously. Coworkers (or bosses), People you live near (neighbors, amiright?), in-laws, and family…

And you. 680 more words


It’s unseasonably warm out at the moment, which is causing an amazing amount of mist to form as snow and ice melt off. So rather than go home and have a meal — and I was… 66 more words


Enjoying the Upswing

Things are on the upswing, if slowly, and it’s nice that I have the self-awareness and positivism to know this and enjoy this. Writing is going fantastically, and like most writers, if writing is good then… 174 more words


I’m really excited to have received an order of frames: now to fill them with art that I’ve been collecting over the past few months!