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Welcome to 1680

1680 is an inaccurate figure.

It is the approximate number of kilometres from Brisbane to Melbourne.  It is the distance that will separate two friends this year. 146 more words

About Us

Tonight, me and my two best friends had a Girl’s Night planned. These usually involve a great deal of chocolate as well as a fine portion of wine, preferably while playing Munchkin (because we’re nerds like that and we’re awesome). 398 more words


2:09 Am Outside The Box

What is creativity?  How is it tempered and harnessed into a concrete element that can be labelled: skill?

I have thought about writing more, Perhaps  – it is safe to say – I have thought more about writing than I have actually written. 81 more words


What’s coming up? Here’s a schedule:

FRIDAY: “30 Teams, 30 Posts”

WEEKEND: A “Bizarre Baseball Culture”

MONDAY: “Wisdom and Links” at Hall of Very Good… 22 more words


15 Signs You’re Trying To Get Your Shit Together But Like, It’s Hard

1. You went to the grocery store and bought all healthy things, but then you got tired and hungry when you got home, so you ordered pizza. 424 more words

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Yes, these kinds of posts are over done, mindless, brain fluff. They've also got some wonderful hints of truth. There's always tomorrow. The real question is, when do these thing stop being true? Do they?

In these troubled times, true friends reveal themselves.