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Late spring roundup

Recital finished in April. The program was 1.5 hours and very physically demanding. Never doing that again. I finished all my coursework—including the final project for a course that meets so infrequently I forgot I was in it—and played an obscene number of other concerts. 866 more words


Essay of the week: Are women-only book prizes necessary?

Maybe for a century or more to come, we’ll continue to need cultural spaces in which “women’s writing” is protected and encouraged to flourish as something separate from “men’s.” But that same small part of me fears that the gated-off arena can too easily become a prison.

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What makes a programmer good....

I asked Google this question, and found a great answer:


I’d be interested to hear thoughts on Josh’s definition…


I wish there was a road to Utopia. I’d love to feel a sense of certainty, before I depart this mortal coil, that the human race is going to forge through all its problems and obstacles – most of them of our own devising – so as to create a better and brighter tomorrow. 226 more words


The Fulfillment of Your Desires

Your dharma, your purpose here on earth, is the path to the fulfillment of your desires.

By acting upon, and activating, your dharma– which is in itself a source of joy and ease and bliss, if only we would surrender our fierce resistance– we discover pathways to the fulfillment of desire that are in themselves miraculous. 50 more words


One’s mind should contain thousands of books

One’s eyes should have read hundreds of great books and scriptures of previous ages and generations.

And the wheels and footprints of one’s wagon and horse should have been to half of the entire world. 11 more words


3rd Aside

They have no title