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Hello World

I am Lorselle, and I have been a bad reader.

For several years, I have been a voracious reader. Known to many as “the one to go to for book advice” or “the one who likes books,” I have fallen greatly and I admit that I am in a slump. 194 more words



I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping the ball rolling, whether with writing or editing. Yes, taking breaks is important, but only when you  231 more words


Let It Bleed: Opinions

On Vinyl


That’s all it takes.

Two-seconds and then the needles drops, kisses and reveals what’s about to happen.

Two seconds and the guitar kicks in, and every montage of “a young man going to wear the nation’s colours in a foreign land” runs, screaming through my brain. 1,885 more words

Music Review

Sam Speaks, Who's Truly the Grown-Up

CINCINNATI—Sam’s an unusual guy. He’s one of those people who makes you think; makes you see things differently. He doesn’t preach; doesn’t carry on. In fact, he’s a quiet sort, just looks you in the eye, speaks softly and says what’s on his mind. 1,097 more words


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It is currently 4:42 PM at the time of me writing this. It has been raining pretty consistently outside for a few hours now. My heart is deeply saddened.

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Neanderthal remains from Troisième Caverne in Goyet, Belgium have cut marks that imply they were butchered and processed for consumption similar to remains of reindeer and horse from the same site. 86 more words