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Vote for a policitian - you know you have to even though it does not make any sense

I have just been reading Paul Krugman’s long read in the Guardian entitled “The austerity delusion.”   I would like to say I disagree with him, because he is saying we should run government deficits – in other words allow governments to borrow – to get out of economic recessions and my whole blog is about stopping people and governments from borrowing.  443 more words


May the Force Be Equal to Mass Times Acceleration



This is my aside post.

This is my first aside post.


I have cleaned up and reopened my book review blog: Books Worth Reading. I think it’s looking very nice. Over there, I strictly publish book reviews of mostly recent fiction, some nonfiction and a few of what I deem to be “modern classics.” My goal is to aid book discovery, and I will recommend books based on specific titles or interests when asked. 18 more words


Tulane BUNGALOWS exhibit enters final month

The Southeastern Architectural Archives at Tulane University’s exhibit on bungalows is coming to a close next month.  If you have not had a chance to see the exhibit and will be in New Orleans on a weekday before May 20th, it is worth stopping by.   308 more words

Historic Preservation

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