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Lovercool (or how St Valentine struck three times for me today)


Can place take the place of people sometimes?

Maybe so. Maybe yes

it can.

And does that make one shallow or

fickle in some way? 1,863 more words


Déjà Vu

It is not a nice day out there. Snow is flying past the study window and I am sitting at the keyboard with my new Salomon boots on – making sure they fit properly before I take them out for their first walk outdoors. 374 more words


Epilogue (III) (free as a bird - but not as in gratis)

As the video underlined, he ended up without her.  Without anything – except, maybe, rueful experience.  Without his dignity for sure; without preserving the dignity of others too.   600 more words


A mystery that's bugged me for over a year now ... a mystery I need your help to solve!

There’s a mystery that’s bugged me for about a year now.  Can you help me resolve it?  Do you think you might help out?

I’ve been followed on Twitter for a year (or more – I don’t really know, nor know how to find out; but I guess at least a year for sure: I guess that’s about right) by a very powerful man.   408 more words


Lendrick Hill - The Bottom Rung

It’s like the dawn of a new era…this get out the door and actually do something!

I never anticipated it would be over three years after the arrival of the “pups” before I would feel I wanted to walk any distance…never mind write up a blog about the day’s events.  764 more words


An Answer to an Old Question

Somebody once asked:

“Who is The Fatdog – is it you or is it Maisie?”. 212 more words