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Treasure Island

Tried out the Treasure Island LEGO set. I love how the skull opens revealing the treasure. #LEGO #Pirates


The reality of how money is created | LARS P. SYLL

A great article backed up with a challenging image

Everything we know is not just wrong – it’s backwards. When banks make loans, they create money. 66 more words


And art was the real blip ...

Life is full of futures missed, as crossroads need and demand to be taken.

This weekend I realise the extent of this.  I am gladly, hopefully, proudly enlisting in the world of law – yet at the same time I spent the last year or so working myself into a place of culture; believing I could be an artistic force; trying so very hard to be something different. 356 more words


Tomorrow is the big day! At midnight tonight (if I’ve set things up right), the week-long release party begins! Asylum will update normally on Saturdays, but we’re just too excited to wait. 133 more words



I have reached a point of no return, and when hope is released from one’s soul, then peace enters and replaces it.

I could’ve been an artist I think; a damn good one too; but my direction is now irreversibly another, and I am now at one with this direction, and I can now make my future in another way quite different from that which would’ve brought me the pleasures of the senses. 112 more words


I Need Love

I know you’re busy but can you please love on me? #cats #amwriting