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Close readers may be aware that I’m moving to a new place. Today we finally met Idiot Landlord (one day late) for keys and walkthrough. Apparently the dishwasher is purely decorative and the much-ballyhooed gas stove doesn’t have functioning electricity, so the oven doesn’t work and the stove only works if you light it manually. 624 more words


Donationgs Accepted

Spouse was cleaning out closets and tossing anything that “old, saggy, and out of fashion.”

Tomorrow, I expect to wake up in a donation bag, bound for Goodwill.


In the words of a Greek economist

I found this article in the weekly online magazine for chartered accountants.

Put simply lending money to help a country out of debt is like hosing someone down to dry them off.  125 more words



It was certainly a roller coaster day. I taught my 4th PiYo class this week. I am so sore and so tired and I really didn’t feel like doing it but everyone stayed and suffered through even though it was a different lesson than we are doing in that class (I am just sticking with the one I am teaching in my class, I didn’t have time to write new notes and go through it for one subbed class). 115 more words

There’s a lot going on at the moment which unfortunately pushes the blog to the wayside, but don’t worry, we’ll make up for this slow period with a flood of content from our vacation! 49 more words


Ms. Marling has already made two of the best blues songs I’ve heard in years, so I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised that she’s also made one of the best rock songs. 14 more words