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What do we need

Training as an accountant involved acquiring lots of useless information – like understanding how little wire coils stored information in big computing machines (at a time when the first desktop PCs were already available). 287 more words


Old and new connections

Less than a week in and a friend from the first time I went to University (in the dark ages) contacted me – he’d just moved home, found my old telephone number, and that it was no longer connected, and decided to Google me.  61 more words


According to the International Diabetes Foundation, 371 million people worldwide have diabetes. That’s the population of South America, less Ecuador.

Friday Fact

The fisherman and the businessman

Paul Coelho says that this is a classic Brazilian story:

There was once a businessman who was sitting by the beach in a small Brazilian village.

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Ice on the Magnolias

Here at MissPres, we may not be all about Moonlight and Magnolias, but when there’s ice on the magnolias (and the camellias), we pay attention. 47 more words


Link: War In The Gulf - Duel in The Desert

A somewhat misleading title, the video reviews modern ground weapons systems put into use since Gulf War I by many Gulf states.

Recommended by DMR editorial staff.


Just how important is the opening line of a novel? It’s really a variant on the chicken-and-egg scenario. Is a book good because it had a cracking opening line that sucked you in or is it a cracking opening line because the book is good so you remembered it. 68 more words

Jonathan Johnstone-Wilson