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Exciting news to tell and no time to tell it.


A recent creation from Automattic’s Takashi Irie, Resonar is an elegant theme perfect for fashion, food, or design blogs. Its layout showcasing full-screen featured images works especially well for longform posts with large images. 30 more words


I can’t believe I’ve succumbed to such things, but I have. I find myself feeling frustrated because I’d like to watch my show lounging on the bed, but I can’t because the iPad needs charging. 23 more words


Competiton - Gifting Makoto and A-Sides - Aquarian Dreams

In my excitement to acquire myself a copy of Makoto and A-Sides new album, Aquarian Dreams I went and ordered two digital downloads! So I’ll make something of this and send the spare as a gift to anybody who can put up a picture on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that best encapsulates the album for you. 76 more words


Apropos of nothing in particular, here are some quotes from the introduction to Northrop Frye’s Anatomy of Criticism.

From p.3-4:

However, the fate of art that tries to do without criticism is instructive.

340 more words

I couldn’t resist publishing this link┬áto the snapshot of a post in a SMA Facebook group. The post was deleted shortly after and both the poster and protagonist of the “problem” were removed from the group. 6 more words


This is my first aside.