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The interesting thing about art, whether you think it good art or not, whether you think it skilful or disdaining of its public, is that when it works on your belief system and perceptions in a productive way, you’re never quite sure if the reality it describes edges on sheer madness or not. 272 more words


Being an adult of the state ...

Lemn Sissay makes so many heart-rending, soul-wrenching points in this short TED talk that picking one out is really just not on.  But the following quote in particular does grab me by the scruff of the neck I’ve so often refused to stick out: 173 more words


W[ear]y / Not never

“You ever get to the point where you tire of listening?” he asked.

“I got to the point where I tired of caring,” she replied. 84 more words


Truce's terms

He wondered.

Maybe it was possible, after all.

Maybe, just maybe, if his partner was to know exactly everything they’d done to him over the years, then a truce of some sort – a private understanding he’d suggest, to which she would have to be party of course – could be organised in some way; some private but clarifying way. 66 more words


"... [un]hurt ..."

They’d found it complex.  She was a fairly straightforward soul – generally told the truth; easier that way they guessed (or maybe the result of some kind of trauma once?   512 more words


Meet the new Phua Chu Kang

TNP: Dr Gwee Sui Lee, kindly go F&£k yourself. Asshat. http://j.mp/27XrDMY