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Waves at Asilomar

I recently had an opportunity to walk along the coastal trail and sandy coves at Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove, California. It was also an opportunity to try a technique I had… 731 more words


Why I (Don't) Write

Why don’t I write? It would take a team of psychiatrists to unpack that question. The reasons would likely be a complex interplay of mother-daughter bonding, self-esteem problems, fear of success, fear of rejection, perfectionism, and no doubt more issues I can not name. 181 more words


Your Writing Life: Functional or Fun?

Hi, I’m Lorena.

And I’m Laura.

We’re LSquared.

Lorena: I am the silly one

Laura: and I am the brains of the operation.

Lorena: I like to be the side kick to Laura’s… 215 more words


Metaphors for Writing Process

Lorena’s writing process is always about food and she chose donuts because each piece she writes is always different.  She may go about the next piece entirely differently, and so it is with donuts.  105 more words

Marlin Free Writers

Friday night...

At Asilomar I realized that I could voice post on my phone.

It was a pretty terrible piece of writing, so I deleted it.  I’m “updating” the post — i.e. 314 more words



As you may have guessed from my title, I’m sitting in for Lorena. I was asked if I would be willing to share my free write on the screen with the class. 273 more words