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Run over the rocks of this river
Until beds are made in the stone.
Wash us into those grooves
Two souls cradled
Resting in the softness of the water.


The earth is in her bones &
She sings with the stars.
You can find her with her palms to the earth,
Keeping time with its pulse.


It is in the silence well spent & the youth of our days
That we find the soul in its fullness.


I don’t hold their shoulders back anymore.
No, I let them stand tall, in fullest expression,
Walking into the world as they choose.
They go before me, marking territory & claiming the ground as free
Cavaliers, soldiers, witnesses, friends.


This wild & free earth with its green leaves
open and its roots down deep.
She inhales us in,
choosing our sweetness and releasing us to roam.


This water washed us once before over moons & time,
Making the slate clean from the words we tried to write.
We closed our eyes underneath the waves… 17 more words


It was morning & it was evening.
The third day.
Who are you, great keeper of the sky?
And are your hands here with us or kept at your chest, arms folded? 13 more words