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The Night Has Come: Thoughts on Asimov's Classic

*** This Contains Some Spoilers***

A great work of art, whether it be a piece of music, or work of literature, is timeless. Technology, ideas, and mindsets will change after the creation date, but the essence of the creation will remain long after. 658 more words

NaNoWriMo Writing Quote Day 20

If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.
-Isaac Asimov


Asimov: The Robot Stories & The Foundation

During the last months I embarked on an amazing journey: to read, one by one, all Asimov‘s books part of the Robot, Empire… 2,548 more words


Writing about adversity...

I have two favorite quotes i’m thinking about today. Though the topics they touch on are unrelated, they seem tightly intertwined for me:  writing and coping with adversity… 80 more words


Library of Congress - Their website is priceless...

U.S. Taxpayers contribute over half a million dollars annually for the Library of Congress.

But what we get in return is probably priceless.

Visiting the Library is a tremendously satisfying experience.  122 more words


Rules of the botz

10 self preservation through human protection
20 while under command check line 10 for errors
30 else fails goto 1
1 all hail Isaac asimov, if 1 is erroneous cross reference code of asimov goto xref ia.010… 18 more words

Quote for the new week - 24.10.15

He was younger these days, also. Not so much in the physical sense, to be sure. [..] It was his way of thinking”

by Issac Asimov, “

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