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Asimov - Foundation


Foundation is the first book in the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. 

“Called forth to stand trial on Trantor for allegations of treason (for foreshadowing the decline of the Galactic Empire), Seldon explains that his science of psychohistory foresees many alternatives, all of which result in the Galactic Empire eventually falling. 264 more words

Golden Age

Asimov - Image

1805162239 – Came across the above image searching for Asimov online.

Golden Age

Asimov: More 'best of' titles

After the robot stories and the reference ‘foundation’ series, I decided to also take a look at other Asimov titles, usually mentioned in ‘Best of Asimov’ lists. 109 more words


Forward the Foundation (all the spoilers are in here)

*spoilers – if you don’t want to know who dies, don’t read this post*

Forward the Foundation is my favourite book the series so far, after  958 more words

Wait, what??

I started Forward the Foundation last night and this morning, page 21, the beginning of Ch. 4, stopped me dead in my tracks:

What do you mean you don’t understand Dors’ knowledge of robots, Hari? 343 more words


So many questions

I finished Prelude to Foundation last night and I have SO MANY QUESTIONS!

  • Is Daneel the Mule? No, that doesn’t make sense – the Mule has precious feelings and Daneel does not.
  • 520 more words