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Asimov's Foundation Series Revisited

This was my 51st year walking the Earth. I know, this makes me sound a little like the David Carradine character on that show Kung Fu. 610 more words


Book Review: Count to a Trillion

I went into Count to a Trillion hearing about how John C. Wright was considered an interesting author. He’s considered controversial in some circles, but I didn’t hear about any of that as I started reading. 559 more words


Do science fiction writers change the future?


This might be a rhetorical question for some, that is, do science fiction or sci-fi writers, change the future? As I write high-concept thrillers in several genres, including sci-fi, I am going to throw in my observations on this matter, because I do believe that sci-fi authors sometimes get the backseat on credibility awards, just because this genre, sci-fi, is viewed as “fictional” “imaginative” “futuristic”.   988 more words


Science Fiction becomes our (Mixed) Reality

I was looking through a couple of talks on mixed and augmented reality, and I came across one from the 2015 SVVR conference by David Holz (CTO, Magic Leap). 685 more words



Weep wap woop
Beep bap boop

Robots near the distance
swooping enfeebled earthborn
like earthworm.

Prostrate, they are.
Debilitated, they are.
Exhausted, they are.

Woop wap weep… 23 more words


Cult of Ignorance

Its been over two years since I have last used this blog, a place I called a “Refuge” that I used to share my poems and short stories with the world. 1,023 more words


Picnic sul Ciglio della Strada (e Color Out of Space)

Da tempo aspetto il momento giusto per scrivere di Asimov e della sua Galassia coerente, perchè è un grande argomento e non va affrontato con leggerezza. 1,385 more words