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Isaac Asimov Pt 1

One of my goals when I retired was to read Asimov’s Foundation Series from the beginning – all the robot stories & novels through the Foundation books in the order that they happened not the publishing order.¬† 213 more words


Asimov's Foundation: Senseis in Space

Another giant for another day… Meet Asimov- the master of hard science fiction. ¬†Biochemist by trade and sci fi lover by passion. An avid reader of the pulps and a guru of all things atomic. 400 more words


The 3 Breakable Laws of Asimov

We’ve all heard of those who proclaim themselves as “Whovians” or #TeamEdward/#TeamJacob. Everyone loves a good Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings marathon, but how long has it been since you picked up a book by Isaac Asimov? 338 more words


Do We Need Asimov's Laws?

As robots become ever more present in daily life, the question of how to control their behaviour naturally arises. Does Asimov have the answer?

In 1942, the science fiction author Isaac Asimov published a short story called Runaround in which he introduced three laws that governed the behaviour of robots. 992 more words


Casebook of the Black Widowers

I go to a couple of different book sales throughout the year and at one of these I found a book entitled¬†Casebook of the Black Widowers… 140 more words


Time for the return of the Big Idea

So I’m a geek. I admit it.

I actually embraced my geekhood a few years ago, about the same time I finally admitted I’m a cat person, not a dog person. 821 more words