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Future Day

I was emailed an alert to two dates:

There’s a milestone day coming up for our Queen Liz. Next Wednesday (September 9th) she will become the longest reigning monarch of Britain, overtaking Victoria’s time of 63 years and 217 days. 389 more words


If we're so small, why is the universe so big?

So, as I was looking up at the stars last night, a thought came to me.

We find it hard to believe that God made the whole universe for us humans. 380 more words


I, Robot (2004): Detective Del Spooner's (Will Smith) Chicago Police Badge

Set in 2035 Chicago, Will Smith’s character displays this futuristic light-up badge & credentials / ID in the film.

Trailer screencap (2004):

HD screencap (circa 2012): 115 more words


Ex-Machina: did Ava pass the Turing test? Or, in other words... why do I always judge the book by its cover? [spoiler alert]

When I first watched the trailer of Alex Garland’s new film, Ex_Machina, I wasn’t incredibly fascinated by it, nor did I feel a particular desire to run and watch the entire movie at the nearest cinema. 3,287 more words