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ThunderClock, Apple IIe, MouseDesk, UniDisk 3.5 and SCSI Drive 

ProDOS version of ThunderClock Installed on UniDisk 3.5″ Disk/Drive. I wanted to run the ThunderClock Setup from ProDOS but only had the DOS version. I found I had saved a number of their dsk’s on a 3.5 Floppy and assumed the Thunder2P.DSK was the ProDOS version. 286 more words

Imagination - the blessing that became a curse

“Ron has a wonderful imagination, he is extremely creative, passionate and energetic, with a bit more effort he can become much better.” – This was what my teachers said for most of my years in school. 210 more words


Gold- 'Isaac Asimov'

The stories were definitely good. But, I think the 2nd and 3rd part are the best. A friend of mine said that it was Asimov… 183 more words


Book Review | Uncanny Sally by W. Lawrence

Uncanny Sally, a short story by W. Lawrence who you may know from Synching Forward which sets up this universe.

Reading Synching Forward isn’t a prerequisite for reading this as it works as a standalone novel, but if you have, you’ll have a deeper understanding on what drives our protagonist, Amara. 275 more words

Book Review

Open Source Design: Interview with Carlo Ratti

Non tutti sanno che le telecamere utilizzate per Google Street View, e persino nei veicoli senza pilota della NASA, sono “open source”: si chiamano Elphel, ed il loro hardware è liberamente accessibile e modificabile da chiunque sappia metterci le mani. 609 more words


"Nemesis" by Isaac Asimov

Published three years before the death of one of the great masters of sci-fi in 1989, “Nemesis” is a stand alone novel. Unusually for Asimov there is a strong central female character in the shape of Marlene, a plain but highly intelligent teen, who is very perceptive about what others are thinking. 280 more words

4 Star Review

A Glass of Grey

Anyone who has peeked in on the irregular posts in this insignificant corner of the internet has seen one of my occasional rants about dishonest wine gaining shelf-space, mouth-space, and head-space (see… 571 more words