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Second Foundation: what a twist!


seriously…so many spoilers.

Similar to Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation is presented in two parts. Part One was about the Mule’s search for the Second Foundation, and Part Two was about the Foundation’s search for the same thing. 518 more words

Best Science Fiction Books

What are your favorite science fiction books?

Contribute your top 10 picks—in order—in a comment below, and we’ll compile the responses to create an overall community consensus. 179 more words

Best Of

I is for I, Robot

I’ve got a slight feeling of deja vu, as once again I write about a book which is now better known as a film. Let me say now that the Hollywood blockbuster starring Will Smith bears little resemblance to the 1950 book by Isaac Asimov. 171 more words


Second Foundation (spoilers)

I really enjoyed Foundation and Foundation and Empire books one and two in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. I found Asimov’s strategy for dealing with a story line which spans across nearly a hundred years to be enjoyable, and the transition characters do a good job of bridging generations. 328 more words