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Pre-empting the Post-Fact Age, one final time

Tomorrow’s Presidential Inauguration is, perhaps, a fitting fanfare for the Post-Fact age. For in a world awash with fake news here is one, ironic, certainty: tomorrow will not be a false dawn. 417 more words


Foundation and Earth (or, the Asimov Crisis)

Here is my concise review of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Earth, his final book (chronologically speaking, anyway) in the Foundation series: I didn’t like it. 907 more words


Robotics in Design

Over the course of the unit, I have learnt how to work with robots. I had access to some apps and websites which allow me to program robots, and test it out. 351 more words


Happy new year!

I hope you brought in the new year with unnecessary pomp and grandeur. I don’t really get why new years celebrations need to be so epic or grand but whatever floats your boat guys. 975 more words

my friend fish

I found a transparent fish

transparency was its main survival mechanism

it was a fish of constant sorrow

r-selective parents are hardly ever there but in a herd-type affair… 392 more words

Musing on Intelligence -- Part 5: Emotion

The popular Disney movie “Inside Out” portrayed the various emotions insides a girl named Riley, joy, fear, disgust, sadness and anger, as five homunculus.   897 more words