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Arrival is the next Science Fiction blockbuster on the block – or so I thought. Much in the same way that the trailer for Inception chose to focus on its more Hollywood elements: explosions, spectacle, conflict, so too the trailer for Arrival is something of a red-herring.

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Why I Like: Foundation Novels Pt 2

My first post (” “) in this series (” “) was sort of a combination between two types of posts I intend to frequent. ‘Reminiscing’ will be a stream of conscious exercise in a subject I just feel like discussing and my memories of it, probably related to something else I’m doing. 849 more words


Second-hand bookshops and Issac Asimov - The Naked Sun book review 

The most recent book I read is a testament to reading and the brilliance of quirky second-hand shops. I was walking around during my lunch break at work trying to get some fresh air after a hard few hours when I stumbled across an ageing shop front. 487 more words


Baking a Book

Ya know how you read a really good novel, mysteries especially, but not necessarily, and in the end the author takes all those little bits and pieces and threads he’s been leaving lying around, and with a few magic passes he brings them all together into one big, cohesive ball and  you say, “My gosh, he’s been planning that all along! 293 more words


The Ford Factor: Mad scientists and corporate villains

The following may contain some spoilers up to Episode 5 of Westworld.

SO HBO’s Westworld (on Sky Atlantic here in the UK) is progressing nicely, though even now at five episodes in it’s probably still a little too early to start speculating about what is going on exactly. 1,734 more words


Tuesday Review - The Naked Sun

The Naked Sun was one of my opportunistic purchases, 50p from a second hand bookstall on the way out of a shop. In fact it was another Asimov that caught my eye, the classic ‘Foundation’, which I’ve already got but I picked it up anyway and there was The Naked Sun underneath. 282 more words