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New journal Science Robotics is Established to Chronicle the Rise of the Robots

Devin Coldewey reports: Robots have been a major focus in the technology world for decades and decades, but they and basic science, and for that matter everyday life, have largely been… 278 more words


Octavia Cade in October/November Asimov's

Taking a break from my regular programming here to shout out to fellow New Zealander Octavia Cade, who has a story in the current issue of… 98 more words


The graying lensmen

There were thousands of fans in attendance at last week’s World Science Fiction Convention, but I swear that I kept seeing the same fifty faces. With the exception of a reading that I did with a few writers from… 1,168 more words


To join SFWA, or no?

With my recent publication in Asimovs, I am now eligible to be an Active member of SFWA. Cool, that feels a milestone.

The Science Fiction Writers of America is a professional body, advocating for sf writers. 120 more words


It's here! It's here!

Finally my subscriber’s copy arrived! That’s a smile on my face, I’m sure. Clearly too focused on working the new computer’s camera… but inside I’m smiling, and jumping up and down and turning cartwheels. 11 more words


"Wakers" in Asimov's Science Fiction, August 2016 issue.

My story “Wakers” is out now in the August issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction. This is the third of my stories editor Sheila Williams has selected, and it continues to be a humbling honor. 135 more words


Wakers - New story coming out in August Asimov's

Well, this is the cover for the June issue, but I’ll post the August cover when that issue comes out… with my story “Wakers” inside. 68 more words