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REVIEW: "Timewalking" by Michael Cassutt

Review of Michael Cassutt, “Timewalking”, Asimov’s Science Fiction November/December (2017): 86-99 — Purchase Here. Reviewed by Kiera Lesley

He, James this year, this month, this week, is not only signalling 1962 and 1974 and possibly 1988 James… he is signalling James This Week. 

191 more words

Because Reasons by Alexandra Renwick, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Mar/Apr 2018

This story, written in the epistolary form, is a great example why love, SF, and punk rock all belong together.

This piece is a small collection of letters or messages from one person to a love–or a friend–who is already one their way to Mars as one of the first colonizers of the planet. 85 more words


Asimov's Readers' poll.

Asimov’s Science Fiction hold reader polls each year – where readers get the chance to vote for their favorite story from the past year’s issues. 129 more words


In Event of Moon Disaster by Rich Larson, Asimov's Science Fiction Mar/Apr 2018

This type of story really is like my favorite type.

Sol and Laurie are on the moon investigating a tunnel that has been created by an unidentified object striking the lunar surface. 254 more words


Emojis by Rudy Rucker, Asimov's Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2018

I have to be honest with you all. I’m slipping on my short story challenge. I just started a new job–something 5 days a week and long hours–and haven’t had the focus when I get home to read something every day. 191 more words


REVIEW: "Operators" by Joel Richards

Review of Joel Richards, “Operators”, Asimov’s Science Fiction November/December (2017): 150-159 — Purchase Here. Reviewed by Kiera Lesley.

I really love people thinking about technology disrupting different industries and what happens when people don’t think through the implementation ahead of time. 159 more words


The Billows of Sarto - new short story in Asimov's

I probably wax on about my teenage dream of getting published in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. This month marks the publication of my fifth story there, in the March-April 2018 issue. 324 more words