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Questions for Simon The Scientist

Following on from my last request for feedback, I’ve now got a new request for you awesome people: Questions. Many of my posts were inspired by a single question that someone asked me casually in conversation, which I attempted to answer in a rambling and lengthy reply. 163 more words


Where do ants go when it rains?

I remember as a kid, playing in the yard and finding a trail of ants. I could trace the path of ants back to their ant hill and watch them as they worked to build their community. 231 more words


Ask a Scientist Episode #3: Climate Change Impacts on the Oceans

In this episode, Dave explores the impact of climate change on the world’s oceans with Heather Goldstone, host of “Living Lab on the Point,” from WCAI on Cape Cod. 46 more words

Ask A Scientist

Ask a Scientist, Episode #2: Birds, Bears, and the Arctic

Arctic wildlife expert Steven Brown talks about his work tracking wildlife in the arctic, including the time he was stalked by a particularly unfriendly bear. Host Dave McGlinchey also talks with Brown about his upcoming expeditions tracking birds, and the tension between wildlife preservation and oil drilling. 10 more words

Ask A Scientist

Ask a Scientist, Episode #1: Concussions!

In the inaugural episode, host Dave McGlinchey explores the science of concussions with Mark Burns, who runs the Laboratory for Brain Injury and Dementia at Georgetown University. 37 more words

Ask A Scientist

Ask a Scientist at UCSB

Today, I registered as one of the first members of the Ask a Scientist chapter at UCSB. 140 more words


Where do we get power from? Don’t our windmills on the hills by Idaho Falls generate power for California?

Question Asked by Megan, 4th Grade, Rimrock Elementary
Answered by Vaughn Rasmussen, Senior Customer and Community Manager, Rocky Mountain Power in Idaho

Rocky Mountain Power generates electricity for its customers in Ammon, together with the other areas we serve, from a number of different sources. 703 more words