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Therapist questions

Finding the therapist that works well with you depends on more than pot luck.  Unfortunately, the first counselor you see may not be a person that you can work with.  498 more words


Hope During the Daily Grind

What DAYS we busy moms have!

From the time I get up at 6am to the time that I go to bed at 10pm. My day feels non stop. 883 more words


How Trying to be Perfect Can Make You Stupid

Striving for perfection is all very well, and it’s OK when it acts as a driver to push you to do better or achieve more. But, there’s a serious downside. 324 more words


Asking for Help: Reflections

During my last semester of undergrad, I spent a semester in Washington D.C.. While I was there I worked for an awesome environmental NGO as part of a college program, The Washington Center (TWC).  803 more words

Does Your Grief Feel Like This?

You Are Not Alone

When we grieve, we can feel so isolated.  Since few people speak of what grief feels like and there is a void of roll models for healthy grieving, our own private world of suffering can feel very frightening.   490 more words

Conversations For The Hurting

Help me

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that you even need help. And when you’re pregnant, there’s plenty of times when people think you’re less capable than you are. 512 more words


Pride Before the Fall

Have you ever been faced with a new task that you had absolutely NO IDEA how to handle? That happens a lot when we’re in our twenties and thirties – less frequently as we age and acquire a lifetime of experiences ( 1,387 more words

Pay Attention