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Just So You Know, Your Depression Is Not Your Fault

Just so you know, your depression is not your fault.

You are depressed not because you are ungrateful, or because you are not *~choosing~* to be happy, as Pinterest and wellness “experts” may lead you to believe. 451 more words

Activating the Bat-Signal for My Deceased Father

This Father’s Day is the 18th without my father on the physical plane.

After so many years without him physically but with an ever-present, still-growing spiritual practice and much gratitude, I’ve learned that we can simply ask our deceased beloved to show up, and they will. 881 more words


You Don’t Have To Be So Damn Strong All The Time

You are strong.
You are capable.

You’ve fought through so much, shouldered so many burdens, faced so many demons and somehow rose to your feet, time and time again. 563 more words

Anxiety and post natal depression - when do you ask for help?

I never liked doctors much. Since I was little I hated hospitals and any person wearing the white coat. Not quite sure why but I did and still kind of do. 790 more words

Seek and You Shall Find

I am an ardent Harry Potter fan. It’s not only because of the story. It’s the things that I learned from the whole book series. 378 more words