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Recently, someone close to me revealed that in the recent weeks, they had briefly considered ending their life. I don’t mean they had stared down the barrel of a gun, or even stopped momentarily in the painkiller aisle at the grocery store and considered, “Which one would help me go fastest?” It was a fleeting, preliminary thought, but enough to make this person actually ask the Internet how to end their life in a quiet, pain-free way. 194 more words


Innards, the other white meat. That makes no sense. Just roll with it.

In response to several people reaching out to me for writing advice, I thought I’d put together this list. Each of these require deliberate intent and aren’t always easy or comfortable, but I hope something here helps you avoid learning the hard way, like I tend to do. 611 more words


Still Worrying About Worrying?

I wanted to come back to this topic because I know there are so many of us that worry way too much. I want to try and help ourselves worry less. 830 more words

Helpful Tips

New Professionals: “No” Is a Word, Too

EACE Blog contribution by Tiffany Waddell, Assistant Director of Career Development at Davidson College

It took me a long time to acknowledge and accept the power of the word “no.” A full sentence – generally requiring little to no explanation – it can be a professional’s best friend.  424 more words


Theater for Thought Night!

Tuesday March 10, 2015

I was edgy and panicky today which didn’t shock me because I usually get like this around large groups sometimes. But it was more than that today though because I found that the things that were disrespectful which people were doing to be getting on my nerves more and more. 219 more words

Workplace Bullying-My Experience Volume 2

Workplace bullying is a chronic problem in our world today in my opinion. Maybe you or someone close to you has experienced workplace bullying or something of the sort. 704 more words


Settling Into My New Place!

Sunday January 25, 2015

Today I didn’t have to worry about being distracted by the TV because the cable box is not hooked up downstairs yet. 202 more words