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Medical exams

I found an article on the PTSD page the shares studies that verify that survivors of sexual trauma seek mediacal care more often than those that are not traumatized.  244 more words

Friends And Family

For All The Girls Who Try To Be Perfect

Have you taken a breath today? I mean really, truly, stopped and just breathed? No? I figured. Do it now for me. Inhale deep and slowly exhale. 526 more words

Ask For Help

I love my neighbourhood. There are a lot of dog walkers, which gives everyone the opportunity to meet each other. It has a friendly feel. I JUST ASKED FOR HELP IN WRITING AND NOW I’M TRYING TO NOT LET MY BRAIN TAKE OVER. 250 more words


4 easy steps to keep your promises—to yourself

Do you keep promises to others yet break them to yourself?

Two weeks ago, I promised myself that I would have my first blog posted on April 11, 2016. 1,213 more words




It’s something we struggle with as women because we’re supposed to be real life superheroes when juggling everything life throws at us. I struggled with it and recently a friend asked another mom and myself how we get everything done because she just feels like there isn’t enough time to get it all done. 323 more words

Maybe It's Time We Stop Punishing Ourselves And Start Asking For Help

I had a family member who, in his old age, used to pull the emergency cord in his apartment – a cord designed for seniors should they fall or become very ill – almost every week. 461 more words

Mental Health

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Sam Finch is an absolutely amazing writer. In this particular post he talks about the stigma of reaching out for help when you need it, especially when dealing with mental illness. This is an incredibly important issue, and one close to my heart, as I deal with bipolar and anxiety myself. Have a beautiful day sunshines!