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The Importance of Rest

We need to rest. We are commanded to rest. We neglect rest.

Rest is not just getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Rest is taking time away from our normal routines, setting aside a significant amount of time and space to regroup for the coming challenges, to recover from past battles. 426 more words


The Intrinsic Escape

When I was Young,
I Always Felt a Need to Flee,
A Need to Escape,
To Leave this Reality.

I Would Go Within,
To Places Far and Wide, 203 more words


The Lou Ruspi Jr. Foundation

I have been on a journey toward my recovery for five years now. Within those five years, I have come across many challenges and hard times. 1,015 more words

New Approach to Self-Improvement

The past few weeks have been blissfully uneventful and I struggled to find anything out of my comfort zone. I spent 35 hours of spring break at work, and the rest catching up on homework, and binge watching The Office… The opportunities didn’t exactly come a-knockin’. 360 more words


Mindset is more than the title of a great book (Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck) it’s also a way of looking at life. 328 more words


growing up

An interesting thing happens when you find yourself on the edge of adulthood. True adulthood, not just the adulthood that we think we hit when we turn 18. 434 more words

Speaks To Me Sunday #78

Asking for help has always been a tough one for me. I have always been pretty independent and incredibly stubborn. Having to ask for help always felt like admitting weakness. 230 more words

Speaks To Me Sunday