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"Reach out and ask for help. No one gets through life alone. No one."

Looking to recruit or for a career change? Do not hesitate to reach out to us either on talgroup.net, in person at our head office, or by phone (+1 416 599 1825). 16 more words


A Year of Smiles - Day 46


I fell.  I knew it would happen as soon as I allowed the kids at church to break one of our rules – Keep your shoes on your feet.  400 more words


Don't Be Afraid to Accept Help

I floated twelve days without toothpaste or soap.
I practically, almost had given up hope
When someone up high shouted, “here! Catch the rope!”
Then I knew that my troubles had come to an end… 18 more words


Three Simple Words That Are Not So Simple...

“I Need Help.” “Can You Help?” “Please Help Me.”  These phrases are not complicated, and contain some of the most basic words in the English language. 731 more words


Sharing the Desire to Use

I was in a speaker meeting a couple of months ago and heard something that really struck me the wrong way. The speaker said that people with time shouldn’t express the desire to use because it gave newcomers the idea that the desire doesn’t go away. 110 more words


You are GOLD

My family is quite small, just me, my sister and my parents. They are an amazing bunch of people and I know that everyone says that, but they really are. 384 more words

A Bit About Me!

My local psychiatric hospital, and recovery college. 

Much to my suprise my local psychiatric hospital are starting a new project, called the recovery college.

I was surprised to see some friends on Facebook had liked some of there posts. 73 more words