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I should do more.

Over the last few years I’ve heard the phrase, “I should being doing more,” more times than I’d be willing to count. It seems to be the response I get most often when I tell someone that I’m not feeling okay. 1,789 more words

TIP: Defy the Odds. She Lives!

In my last TIP, I asked people to send love to my cat Micha.

It worked.

Your energy helped her cross the chasm from pain and a seemingly assured, immediate passing to, quite miraculously, staying in the land of the living. 444 more words

Dreams Coming True

Why is asking for help so hard???

I wrote this post the other day but when I posted it, it posted my first draft and I had made a ton of edits. Don’t know what happened and so I deleted it and am going to try again. 667 more words

My Truth

Anger Management

Agitated. Irritated. If only he wasn’t so high-strung life would be better. Then while losing a job after the house burned down wouldn’t have driven him up a wall. 182 more words

Mental illness affects 1 in 5

1 out of 5 Canadians will suffer from some form of mental health issue in the span of a year. There is help, we don’t have to suffer alone … ask for help.


Psychological Health

Medical exams

I found an article on the PTSD page the shares studies that verify that survivors of sexual trauma seek mediacal care more often than those that are not traumatized.  244 more words

Friends And Family

For All The Girls Who Try To Be Perfect

Have you taken a breath today? I mean really, truly, stopped and just breathed? No? I figured. Do it now for me. Inhale deep and slowly exhale. 526 more words