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The Woman at the Well – Part 1.

One of my all-time favorite bible stories is where Jesus encounters the woman at the well in John 4:1-42. Why? Because there are so many lessons we can ‘draw’ from it pertaining to caregiving! 1,168 more words


It’s got to be a joke right?

I took my car to the tire place twice

and each time there was a new problem created. 549 more words

How to handle the odd weeks

Sometimes in this living creatively thing, everything goes pretty smoothly. We set goals and plan and then actually achieve our goals round about the time we said we would. 758 more words


Besides the fact....part duex

Yes, “part duex” as in a very bad sequel 

Subtitle:  Cutting your nose off despite your face….  I do not enjoy saying “I told you so!” however, ” doggone it, I told you so!!” 957 more words

Choose Wisely

How to navigate through the ups and downs of mommyhood

Ok so my son will be four in September and I’ve got to say that life is definitely a roller coaster with him around. Never a dull moment. 1,163 more words


Keep moving forward.

Post dietician reflections:

The visit wasn’t so bad, it was pretty much what I expected but it’s nice to be able to have someone to answer questions and keep me on track. 314 more words


Important Papers!

Important papers can be something hard to understand well for some people anyhow. What is considered an important paper?  Some think that important papers are only things such as Income tax papers or bills. 231 more words