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Ask the readers: How to get the word out about ACA enrollment?

The Trump administration is trying to kill the Affordable Care Act administratively since they’ve failed legislatively.

Open enrollment is open from Nov 1st to Dec 15th this year.  293 more words

Help me with DC2's lunch!

Yes, I know we’ve been making school lunches for one or the other of my kids for the past 9 years.  BUT we have some new challenges this year now that we’re at public elementary school.  633 more words

How to keep a gifted kid challenged

The other day wandering scientist talked about the difficulties of keeping a gifted elementary schooler challenged.  That inspired me to write this post and also to ask the Grumpy Nation for suggestions.   1,961 more words

Ask the readers: How do I teach my middle-schooler writing?

While we have been impressed with the math and orchestra teaching in public schools where we are, we have been less so with the humanities.  DC1 is not learning how to write.  519 more words

What kinds of exercise do people like?

#2 is going through a lot of situational depression right now (bad things keep happening, starting with her FIL’s death several months ago).  Back when she lived in a hellhole, one of the things that kept her sane (along with increased meds) was weekly horseback riding.  247 more words

Let's Discuss - Choosing New Books

I joined a challenge to have more book discussions on my blog without really knowing what that meant. I was sort of picturing the reviews I’ve been doing and wondering how to turn that into more of a discussion, so I waited a bit to see what others were posting for the challenge. 615 more words


New year, new stuff - What do YOU really want to see?

First of all: Happy new year. Welcome in 2017, let’s make it an awesome one!

All of you have most likely noticed that I do not write often. 150 more words

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