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Help me with countertops! (Please?)

Grumpy Nation!  I need your help!

So… we want to have countertops made out of quartz (or granite) that look like marble.

There are… options. 582 more words

[Ask The Readers] Ada yang Tahu Judul dan Penulis Buku Ini?

Di posting-an kali ini saya tidak mengulas buku atau film yang diangkat dari buku. Juga bukan mau cerita-cerita soal soal hobi membaca. Kali ini saya kepingin tanya tentang sebuah buku yang sudah saya cari selama bertahun-tahun. 375 more words


What is your favorite kind of stuffing?

#1:  Stuffing is one of my favorite foods ever.  LOVE it.  I love all kinds.  We just had an amazing fennel and onion stuffing (with whole wheat bread crumbs) in a fancy pork tenderloin dish.  175 more words

Short fiction series?

Hey everyone!

I just realised that I’ve never actually published some proper fiction on this blog. Is that something any of you would be interested in? 47 more words


My iphone 6 is dying

I got my first smartphone 3 years ago when we were on leave in Paradise.  Not wanting to spend a zillion dollars, we got a new iPhone 6 instead of an iPhone 7 or whatever the latest model was at the time. 442 more words

Do you twirl your spaghetti?

And if you do, do you use a spoon to assist with the twirls?

What are your thoughts on cutting spaghetti noodles?  Pro/Con/Ambivalent?

#1:  I twirl but don’t use a spoon. 93 more words

Do you track your net worth?

#1:  I really don’t.  Our long-term finances are kind of a mess.  We have so many different accounts with different providers.  (The paranoid part of me thinks this might be a benefit if the fascist government cracks down on dissidents– we might be able to get to Canada or another safe harbor and transfer at least a subset of our accounts before they figure out all of them… hopefully.  253 more words