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From the Mailbag: "But Elektra's death is iconic."

smokingroot asked:

But Elektra’s death is iconic

Her death is iconic, but lots of comic book deaths are iconic, right? Gwen Stacey’s death is iconic, and she’s back and more popular than ever.

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From the Mailbag: "Iron Fist is a rich white guy."

Anonymous asked:

Iron Fist is a rich white guy in the comics, the casting of a white actor is logical.


No. No, it’s not logical.

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Such Meta Very Critical

Frost giants: eighteen feet tall or eighteen-foot-tall?

Question–is that an eighteen-foot-tall frost giant or is it eighteen feet tall?

Answer: yes and yes, except frost giants are typically only fifteen feet tall. 87 more words


From the Mailbag: "Are your Bucky theories hopeful?"

Anonymous asked:

Y’all are killing me with your secret theories! I need to know! Are they hopeful? Or more like, rest in pieces forever? “my pet theory for Civil War is that he’s been replaced by a skrull and has probably been dead for a long time there as well” I was thinking this, too, because Bucky seems so robotic and unlike himself there.

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From the Mailbag: "Is your Bucky theory good or bad?"

Anonymous asked:

Is your Bucky theory good or bad? Coz I can’t imagine what good could come out of Bucky dying all over Secret Wars and not having any titles in All New Marvel unless it’s like a complete overhaul of the character so they can start fresh… or they’re just doing away with him altogether, but that makes no sense.

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Tissue rejection

It seems that it’s been a while since I wrote an ‘Asked and Answered’ post, but here’s an interesting question that found its way into my inbox: 646 more words


Asked and Answered - Christopher Fowler

A while ago I got to ask a few questions of the delightful Christopher Fowler.

Chris is a prolific writer of books of many genres, who is currently most notable for his series about the adventures of octogenarian detectives Arthur Bryant and John May, and their increasingly antiquated, much maligned and yet highly successful Police Department,  The Peculiar Crimes Unit. 736 more words