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Too young to understand, too old not to know better

We all reach this age where parents start tossing around words like “responsibilities” and “self-reliance”. We get to that point where we hear “the world is a crazy, unforgiving place” so often it’s like a greeting.

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When people call us fragile it always seems to have a negative connotation. We’re always too much of something – or nowhere near enough of it. 303 more words

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Yin and yang,
Rise and fall,
Push and pull,
Equal and opposite.
What is it?

I started to wonder today why people strive for balance. What is it about this thing…this goal…that makes people so crazy to achieve it. 362 more words

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She is an adventure just waiting to happen,
The ride all the way down after you jump without looking
She is everything random
Like bungee-cords and fish-faces… 438 more words

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Yo! Momma: Don't Touch My Boobs!

This edition of Yo!Momma, with my blog besties, Daddy Mind Tricks, is all about boobs.


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Is it bad everytime I look at the title "In the Arms of a Thief", the song "In the Arms of the Angels" starts playing in my head? Like, help, it wont stop.

Well…kinda? The fic is actually named for the lyrics of the song “Arms of a Thief” by Iron and Wine (one of the constant lyrics is “it’s a cold cold place in the arms of a thief”.) It was one of the songs on… 14 more words