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Tissue rejection

It seems that it’s been a while since I wrote an ‘Asked and Answered’ post, but here’s an interesting question that found its way into my inbox: 646 more words


Asked and Answered - Christopher Fowler

A while ago I got to ask a few questions of the delightful Christopher Fowler.

Chris is a prolific writer of books of many genres, who is currently most notable for his series about the adventures of octogenarian detectives Arthur Bryant and John May, and their increasingly antiquated, much maligned and yet highly successful Police Department,  The Peculiar Crimes Unit. 736 more words


Asked and Answered - Volume 1

I did a little social experiment a few posts ago. I asked W&C readers to submit questions about anything – dating after divorce, parenting, life, etc. 791 more words

Family Fun

Asked and Answered - Coming Soon But I Need Your Help!

After some nudging, I’m adding a new feature to the blog called Asked and Answered.

I’ve been told I give some solid advice. Mostly because I don’t bullshit or sugar coat. 108 more words

The Honest Truth

Child: Ok, where is this story going? Callie: Fuck me up.

(another Anon) MSA crew: Fuck us up.

XD Ah well, I guess that one’s pretty obvious huh?

Since Mystery, a Kitsune, is part of Japanese mythology, have you ever thought of trying to implement other parts of it, such as Bakemono or Tengu, into your fics?

The only reason I have him as a kitsune is because he was in the original video, and now it seems there is more Japanese mythology to come from the video series in the future. 132 more words