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Major Gift Fundraising: Patience and Effort

It annoys the hell out of me when people say fundraising is easy. “You folks go around putting the bite on people. How hard is that?” “Once a year I get a letter and then I don’t know what you guys do the rest of the year.” “Rough life… throw a couple cocktail parties and pass the hat.” If you share any of these sentiments, you might as well stop reading now since I will most likely annoy the hell out of you. 251 more words

Major Gifts

Dear Son

Dear Son – on the occasion of not having heard from you for months now …

Hi … It’s mom… remember me? Tall lady? You remember mom and dad? 636 more words

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Working While on Vacation is Discombobulating

I took on a quick design job while on vacation. It was a small ad with a quick turnaround. My client was very easy to work with. 554 more words


John Palmer back in the white house

He needs your support and your money! Please give generously so his wife can be kept in the incredibly luxurious life style she is accustomed to! 13 more words

Asking For Money

WTF Wednesday: An Easy Way To Get Yourself Unfriended

There are lots of people I’m friends with on Facebook that I don’t communicate with. I have blocked seeing them from my newsfeed because while I don’t mind considering them a “friend”, I haven’t found anything they’ve shared worthy of taking a chance the Facebook algorithm brings them to my newsfeed. 400 more words

WTF Wednesday

35 Soda Bottle Leg

When I worked near Bryant Park, there was always a guy at 43rd and 6th Ave asking for change on my lunch break. 248 more words