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Happiness Happens. 

“People who like sweet things are people who want to be happy.” — Kim Mi Young, Fated to Love You, Ep. 2


I like extravagant gifts: costly travel, pricey meals, good wine, undivided attention, genuine laughter at a joke I’ve made, forgiveness.

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Advice: My Father Won't Attend My Wedding

Dear Bartender and Priestess,

I am a successful, generally happy gay man. In a matter of a few weeks, I am going to marry the man of my dreams. 1,774 more words

The Practice of Asking for What You Want/Need

The next few posts will be about practicing emotional intelligence in the field. I try with every post to include practical story rather than just rattling on about what I know or think. 638 more words

Coleen Renee

Monday Mantra:: It's Safe To Ask For What I Want

Oh this one haunts me. It’s a little something I’ve been working on for so many years and just when I think i’ve got it all sorted, another shade pops up for me to work through. 225 more words

Monday Mantra

So Far (1) - To Take or Not to Take?

Having recently observed my 65th birthday, I’ve been rather surprised at how often of late I find myself thinking about my past.  Perhaps there’s some sort of life-review process that gets activated with the passage across this iconic birthdate, upon which one officially becomes a “senior citizen”.  2,154 more words


Day 92, 91, 90, 89: Asking for a hug!

DAY 92-89

Playing catch up with Days 89-92 of the 100 day challenge…asking the impossible, every day, for the last 100 days of 2014! (see the original challenge link here: https://wp.me/p1R1DT-l3) 319 more words


Day 97: Asking for a donation!

DAY 97

It’s day 97 of the 100 day challenge.
(see the original challenge link here: https://wp.me/p1R1DT-l3)

Today, I asked the manager of Wahoos Fish Taco chain for the name of the person to contact and I emailed that person and asked her for a $400 donation for my daughters softball team. 109 more words