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"You're Asking the Wrong Questions!!" ~ Spirit. (That does make THE difference.)

This has been an interesting couple of days in my personal world.  It has been a long time since I have had a “review” of where I have been (evolution wise) to where I am presently.   2,430 more words

The Shift

An Undeniable Dilemma

Hi People!

Ladies, get in here.

I got into a conversation with a friend a while back and a series of concerns ensued. Well, like a blogger put it this morning, … 192 more words


Her desire for him

A woman, from the days of young, is the pride of her father.

Like a son, she has dreams and aspires to be greater than her father. 358 more words


The Single Market

Hi People!

How’s everyone today? It was on my mind to post on my blog yesterday but between my caffeine overdose and my schedule of work and meetings, I couldn’t quite come around to posting one. 396 more words


Looking for Answers. Are you Asking the Right Questions?

In my training and practice as a coach, I have learned the value of good questions as I work with individuals and groups. There are the basic questions that give me facts, information, and stories. 490 more words

Mother India- what will I find?

I am not sure whether I believe in God, in many gods, in one lifetime, in many lifetimes, in a divine Universe, in fate, or just in plain old coincidence.  1,090 more words

My Life

"Depression is an excuse to lay around in bed all day" (and other stupid things people say)

If I am honest, and I feel that I must be, I am a bit disappointed to find myself once again writing about depression. When I decided to write a blog, I had planned specifically to avoid the topic entirely, partly because it felt a bit too much like work, and partly because I did not want to open myself up too deeply to the world. 1,126 more words

My Life