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Mother India- what will I find?

I am not sure whether I believe in God, in many gods, in one lifetime, in many lifetimes, in a divine Universe, in fate, or just in plain old coincidence.  1,090 more words

My Life

"Depression is an excuse to lay around in bed all day" (and other stupid things people say)

If I am honest, and I feel that I must be, I am a bit disappointed to find myself once again writing about depression. When I decided to write a blog, I had planned specifically to avoid the topic entirely, partly because it felt a bit too much like work, and partly because I did not want to open myself up too deeply to the world. 1,126 more words

My Life

Before Marriage

Marriage is indeed a beautiful thing, the bringing together of two souls, existing together forever as one, in good times and bad times. The very thought that you have your love beside you to saddle through the challenges of life is relieving. 4,550 more words

Couple's Corner

Early Release of Perception Matters! Now available in all stores.

Tate Publishing was so excited to release Perception Matters that they pushed and released it 4 days early!   Originally intended for those in the customer service and sales fields, Perception Matters will also help you improve communication at home, church or any aspect in your life where people are involved. 286 more words

The Experience and Knowledge of Age

Today I share with you a story about a youngster backpacking across the country and the questions he asks when he meets new people. ENJOY!

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“Why the hell not?”

I’m reading The Catcher in the Rye for the first time.

Holden Caulfield is the protagonist, and while we don’t share a ton of similarities (largely because I’m 20 years his senior, and grew up in a small Ohio town), we share two ideas I think are really important. 834 more words

Being Human

Thousand Faces of Depression

It saddens me to acknowledge that I am hesitant to post this blog. Whilst I generally feel strong enough to be honest about the more difficult parts of my life, the most vulnerable part of me worries that admitting to mental illness will somehow discredit me as a human being, though it is hard to articulate how or why. 1,319 more words

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