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Asking the Right Questions

Convincing others to buy into an idea, a product, or an initiative requires listening and communicating effectively.

Scenario: Your company has developed a new initiative and you are tasked with gathering buy-in from your team, as well as learning if they have any objections to this initiative. 72 more words

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New Questions for Old Shoes

An old pair of sneakers were discarded in a small wastebasket at work. Anytime someone popped their head around the cubicle they’d ask my neighbor, “You’re throwing your shoes away?” The question pickpocketed productivity since it only had one (glaringly obvious) answer. 287 more words


Reflections on a comment by David Bowie

“Yes, never play to the gallery. I think. But you never learn that until much later on. But never work for other people at what you do. 1,012 more words

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6 Questions to ask before booking a hotel room

A lot of us spend a fortune on making hotel reservations or booking hotel rooms. Most of the time we go to the hotel with so much excitement expecting to have a great time. 672 more words


The Important Question You Must Ask

The question I’m about to ask you is not to make you feel like you’re being judged. In fact, I wish someone had asked me… 997 more words


Prototyping your life (PT 1)

Booking under: Keith

Maybe it’s because of our trip to Spain, but it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve written about… 250 more words


How much of truth is in exaggeration really?

I read in an article recently that women exaggerate a lot about matters and make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s kind of interesting really. 197 more words

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