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Reflections on a comment by David Bowie

“Yes, never play to the gallery. I think. But you never learn that until much later on. But never work for other people at what you do. 1,012 more words

The Culture

6 Questions to ask before booking a hotel room

A lot of us spend a fortune on making hotel reservations or booking hotel rooms. Most of the time we go to the hotel with so much excitement expecting to have a great time. 672 more words


The Important Question You Must Ask

The question I’m about to ask you is not to make you feel like you’re being judged. In fact, I wish someone had asked me… 997 more words


Prototyping your life (PT 1)

Booking under: Keith

Maybe it’s because of our trip to Spain, but it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve written about… 250 more words


How much of truth is in exaggeration really?

I read in an article recently that women exaggerate a lot about matters and make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s kind of interesting really. 197 more words

Relationships & Lifestyle

The "Heroic" dilemma

Off-late there is a trend that seeks to undermine Ram and hype Ravan. Ram is being portrayed as patriarchal and misogynist, not worth a Hero’s salt. 1,366 more words


What’s the implication if a younger sibling marrying before the older?

Personally? I don’t understand what the deal is about younger siblings marrying before their older ones. At least, that was what I thought before I was married. 225 more words

Relationships & Lifestyle