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I hate Askmen.com

It used to be cool, man. It used to be worth something. Now it openly has articles written by women.

By fucking women!

It’s CALLED AskMen. 105 more words

Relationship Advice

The Five Best Places to Meet Someone

If you’re sick of online dating and dating apps, the gents at AskMen.com issued a list of the best places to meet someone who isn’t lame. 160 more words


The 5 Best Places To Meet Someone

Most of the single people I know aren’t looking for someone.  They are wrapped up in their jobs, school, life or they recently got out of a bad relationship and do NOT want anything to do with meeting someone right now.  248 more words


Who Is The Most Outstanding Woman?

Askmen.com put together a list of the Most Outstanding Women…here is who topped the list.

1. Emma Watson

2. Ronda Rousey

3. Kim Kardashian

4. Taylor Swift… 11 more words


AskMen.com's "99 Most Outstanding Women"

AskMen.com released a list of the “99 Most Outstanding Women”.

AskMen.com has ditched its 99 Most DESIRABLE Women and released a list of the 99 Most OUTSTANDING Women. 146 more words


Buy Nothing Month

This is a re-blog of an article I read years ago as well. It isn’t difficult at all not to purchase something that is not a necessity. 1,507 more words


Dane Neal: Robert Haynes Peterson's holiday must-haves!

Askmen.com writer Robert Haynes Peterson joins Dane Neal to give the holiday gifts you didn’t know you needed…but do. From incredible rum (mostly for him) to amazing travel and grooming supplies, you’ll be ready for that holiday night on the town…or that Peace Corps-themed  well-digging “vacation” to Botswana! 8 more words

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