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The Long Haul: Five tips to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

by Kaeli Gardner, VMD Contributing Writer

What kind of driver are you? Are you in a new car every few years, or do you drive your current chariot until the wheels… 663 more words


Shine On, You Crazy Headlight

by Kaeli Gardner, VMD Contributing Writer

We may not think about our headlights during the summer, with its long days and bright sun, but as the days draw shorter (it’s happening sooner than you think, I’m sorry to say) it’s time to take a good look at your headlights and ask the big question—are they keeping you as safe as they should? 586 more words


Summer Road Trips: Batteries Not Included

by Kaeli Gardner, VMD Contributing Writer

The welcome warmth of summer has arrived at last, and with it comes the all-too-familiar itch to settle into your bucket seat for a long day’s drive powered by too much coffee and junk food. 612 more words


Getting a Grip on Brake Safety

By AskPatty.com web marketing manager, Kaeli Gardner

Driving in the fall and winter months can get a little more treacherous, and I’m not just talking about ghouls and goblins on Halloween or crazy relatives on Thanksgiving. 750 more words


LizzLoves AskPatty

It really is a shame that we women still dread a visit to the mechanic or a shopping trip to a dealer…just because we’re women! 259 more words


Download an "Influence" Chapter featuring AskPatty's Jody DeVere

AskPatty.com President and CEO Jody DeVere is featured heavily in the chapter “Start Your Engines: Transforming the Automotive Industry.”  In this chapter, Dychtwald says “It’s an industry that’s owned and operated by men. 134 more words

Guest Post

Car advice every woman should know

Car expert Jody DeVere of AskPatty.com became a single mom over night. She always had been interested in cars, but never knew much about the mechanics until her husband passed away. 1,353 more words

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