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Dip in the Suicide Creek

There was an local ASL event which allowed to get to know some new people, and also to try out some fun bits and pieces. We did take an dip to the Suicide Creek, a short scenario where Japanese defenders had five pillboxes and about equal number of defenders set against rather potent marine force of 8 squads and good leadership and support weapon array. 441 more words


Why Sign Language Interpretation at High Point Church?

by Linda Sey

Hearing loss and deafness are largely invisible and isolating disabilities. Those with hearing loss learn at a very young age to mimic, nod, and laugh along, often completely lost as to the details, if not all, of the dialogue darting around them at breakneck speeds. 668 more words

Learn And Grow

Unicode Issues

I started an in depth review of the proposal when I remembered that Stephen had identified several issues with SignWriting in Unicode 8. So I decided to do an in depth review of those issues. 973 more words


War in Budapest - Extracurricular Activity

Since getting ASL module Armies of Oblivion, I’ve had an interest on quite few scenarios, one of them being Extracurricular Activity which pits Hungarian fanatics against Russian defenders. 886 more words


Story Asking in an ASL Classroom

Need a three day filler lesson?? I got you. This week’s lesson can only be described asĀ amazing, and I had to share it with you all literally as soon as possible. 1,254 more words


Just for the RECORD...

Our Gracie girl is 21.

I can hardly believe it.

It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday with baby Gracie by my side. 859 more words