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Rule 494

Interpreting is a low-impact exercise. I should not be able to hear your signs!

The Rules

The silent star: Vianney Quiroga directs ASL student show "Deaf-initely Grease"

By Eunice Kim and Faith Oak

Faster than her words can be articulated, junior Vianney Quiroga Paez’s thoughts translate into swift hand gestures that relay her message to anyone who can understand her. 643 more words


I have a theory, it's in my thesis!

Sorry about the title. But I’ve had “I’ve Got a Theory” from the Buffy episode “Once More With Feeling” stuck in my head lately. 466 more words


Rule 493

Although I eat it like a meal, Ibuprofen appears nowhere on the food pyramid. Trust me, I’ve searched.

The Rules

Accidental Signing

A question that I thought was really interesting was if I’ve ever noticed hearing people in public that move their hands and possibly make an accidental sign. 99 more words


Rule 492

If coffee and Diet Coke suddenly ceased to exist, most interpreters would slip into a coma for roughly a month and a half.

The Rules

The reason I sign....

“Sign are to eyes what words are to ears”

 I want to be comfortable and share my reason for signing. Why I support hearing families with deaf children, also children of deaf adults.

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