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OS로 QNX를 사용하는 차량 라디오의 UI를 qml로 만들었다.

부팅 시 다음과 같은 오류 메시지만 출력하고 화면 출력이 없는 경우가 종종 있었다.

<Unknown File>:

원인을 찾으니, 225 more words


Disabling ASLR and DEP in Visual Studio 2013

I’m working my way through some buffer overflow exploits on Windows. The ‘Hello World’ of stack-based buffer overflows is to pack a payload on the stack and ret into it. 121 more words


Microsoft fixes IE memory problems

Internet Explorer is getting major repairs, as Microsoft has issued 41 patches to fix memory vulnerabilities in its browser.

The Internet Explorer patches are part of the company’s routine monthly release of security and bug fixes for its software products, called “Patch Tuesday.” Microsoft Office and both the desktop and server editions of Windows are also getting fixes in this batch. 551 more words

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The course towards security is set upon purchase of a computer

10 January 2015

In his report SME security on a shoestring budget Vladimir Jirasek aptly describes the state of the SME (Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises): They are the motors of economy! 333 more words

Survival Tips

Overview Of Android Security Structure

Android is world’s most popular mobile OS. The reason behind it’s popularity is it’s open nature. Applications can use hardware as per it’s requirements with no restrictions, at the same time maintaining it’s security aspects. 327 more words

Patch Tuesday wrap-up, August 2014: RCE + ASLR bypass + EoP == patch early, patch all!

Patch Tuesday for August 2014 has arrived, with Adobe and Microsoft delivering their now-familiar security fixes.

Adobe has updated both its Flash and Reader (plus Acrobat) products, patching just a single known hole in Reader/Acrobat, but seven vulnerabilities in Flash. 772 more words


Functional Movement: Manage Our Minimums to Achieve our Maximums

“We must manage our minimums to effectively achieve our maximums.”

 This critically means we need to address all of our weakest links in order to create a stable foundation for us to begin to add load and weight on our bodies. 217 more words