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Linux Kernel: exclude EFI from KASLR VA space randomization

Greg Kroah-Hartman of the Linux Foundation submitted version 4.10 of a 81-part(!) patch to the Linux kernel by Baoquan He of Red Hat.

x86/mm/KASLR: Exclude EFI region from KASLR VA space randomization… 167 more words

The Fifth Element: Exclusive Possession in the Scottish Law of Leases

This blog post is by Mitchell Skilling, a 2016 LLB (Hons) graduate. It is based on the presentation he gave at the launch of the seventh volume of the Aberdeen Student Law Review, itself based on an article that he wrote for that volume. 1,277 more words

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checksec: x64dbg plugin to check security settings

checksec – a x64dbg plugin to check security settingshttps://t.co/lWcZ7qzQmL by my buddy @klks84

— Jacob Soo (@_jsoo_) March 26, 2017

    Initial Release supports checking of…

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Researchers Find Dangerous Intel Chip Flaw

This is a potentially a serious flaw.  Memory exploits can have significant repercussions, especially in POS environments and other devices where sensitive data lives in memory before encryption. 6 more words

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1. 시스템 보안 개론
* SEH overwriting은 canary를 우회할 수 있다.

* gets(buf) 함수는 입력으로 들어오는 스트링의 크기를 확인하지 않는다는 문제가 있다. 입력 크기를 확인해서 문제를 해결할 수 있음. 117 more words

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What Did I Just Do? Breaking Down The Shellcode Example.

Last post we got some shellcode to execute in the notesearch program from HTAE.  I basically followed what Jon Erickson did with some minor modifications to make the exploit work on the Debian-32 machine that I’ve been using.  949 more words