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The Workshop #13 – Pont FX


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Have you ever wondered who the Pope follows on Twitter?

Do you know the political convictions of the main characters from the Pokemon anime? 41 more words

The Workshop Podcast

Slumberjack Legends Video 019 | Sub Contractor Of Somnolence (ASMR Tapping, Crinkling, Whispering)

In SLUMBERJACK LEGENDS 019, I welcome you to visit the construction site of the portal to the Sleep World. In this ASMR roleplay, I don my site manager hardhat as we descend into drowsiness through repetitive and percussive tapping and crinkling along with some mind-altering narration. 24 more words

Slumberjack Legends

ASMR Miri: Bartering for Chems - IndigoStars ASMR

Description: A poor raider girl is needy for chems.. So needy that she knocked you out, tied you up and.. trades with you for some much needed


ASMR Ripley Takes Care of You - Cosmic Tingles ASMR

Ripley gives you hot chocolate, washes your face, gives you a check up and tucks you in for bed.


Slumberjack Legends Video 018 | Hand Eye Sedation (ASMR Hand Rubbing, Snapping, Clapping)

In SLUMBERJACK LEGENDS 018, I warm up my hands for future universe-building in this ASMR experiment. There is virtually no talking in this video as I do a lot of hand rubbing, wringing, snapping, clapping and popping with just the minimalist sounds of skin on skin. 24 more words

Slumberjack Legends

Bob Ross: Subharmonic Vocalist and Text-Sound Composer

Bob Ross has become a pop culture icon through his show ‘The Joy of Painting’. Although he died over 20 years ago, his videos are still wildly popular—in part for their unusually hypnotic sound. 684 more words

Death after Kyoto - proof copy

My proof copy arrived! If you’re into mysteries, Japanese ghost stories, secret societies, decadent detectives, ASMR, cyber-stalkers, eccentrics and twisted justice -have I got a book for you!

Book release party TBA