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The New Rules

If a book has among its major acknowledgements an “over the shoulder” nod to Lucifer–that is, Satan himself–I’m typically not going to read it. I tend to make that a general rule because as I see it, whatever else you may or may not believe, nothing good can come from Lucifer. 1,373 more words

My Two Cents

Marxism vs. Freedom (pt.1)

If you have set foot on a college campus in the last ten to fifteen years, odds are you’ve seen a T-shirt sporting the above image of Che Guevara.  1,694 more words

My Two Cents

The Avenue of the Righteous

As we remember those who fell in the Holocaust today, we should also pause for a moment and give thanks for the Righteous of the Nations who stood against the rising darkness. 371 more words

A Dirt Road Home


For all of you who know anything about me, you will know I repel technology. It takes one look at me and just dies. I don’t even have to touch it. 170 more words


Just Jot It Stream of Consciousness is odd

As you can see I combine “Just Jot It January” with “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”. Linda offered the prompt odd/even, and I can’t wait to let my subconsciousness out and raving. 809 more words

A Dirt Road Home

When I was in kindergarten, the school bus didn’t go where I lived.  It would stop in the curve on the red dirt road where the massive old cedar tree stood.  676 more words

A Dirt Road Home

The Longest Shortest Twenty Years of Your Life

“It feels like it’s starting to get away from us,” Jack, my husband, said as we lay in bed this past weekend, our children’s howls and thumps reverberating from the den. 1,135 more words