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Poetry Monday: "Dashboard drawing board"

Please enjoy my poem, “Dashboard drawing board” – the winner of the 2013 UK People’s Poetry Contest!


Christmas Orders #OfficerOfTheWatch

I just got this box of books in a few days ago to fill some orders for signed copies of Officer of the Watch that are destined to find their way under a Christmas tree or into a stocking for some very lucky people. 174 more words

Blackout Series Updates

Your perfect read for Friday the 13th
ebook: http://amzn.to/1h0bktb
print: http://amzn.to/1fi7R7r

And just what the hell was this female's business with his prized dragon?

     The dragonlet’s tracks ended in an isolated field across from a simple little cottage.

     Spotting movement, Kort dove for cover in the grasses. A young woman exited the wooden door with a basket in her hands and a smile on her face, and she turned her back and set to work in the small garden, snipping this and harvesting that, collecting flowers and vegetables. 263 more words


Amor et Vita

Where has our love gone
have time and pain washed love away
Has our focus shifted feelings
left behind along the way
Has pain blocked out all the sunlight… 94 more words

The hatchling had devoured his abductor. Served the bastard right. Dragonstone and Weekend Writing Warriors

Last week we introduced Elf Prince Kort Elias who is diligently searching for a stolen royal dragon egg in the first story of The Kingdom of Chalvaren Romances, Dragonstone. 219 more words

The Books

Are you planning to NaNo this year? http://tinyurl.com/p5ehzrv

Good morning!

I stopped by Robyn Bachar’s blog today to chat up how I succeeded with NaNoWriMo (after failing miserably my first year).

Robyn’s profiled writers this month with an amazing array of NaNo tips. 92 more words

The Books